Athlete of the Week Archive

May 4, 2009


Sam Lambert

If you had to run in one track event what would it be and why?
"It would be the 100. I would do a 200 or a 400, but the recovery from that would take a couple weeks."

Do you prefer the hammer or the weight throw?
"It's usually pretty back and forth, but right now I like the hammer best."

Swine Flu ... worried or not?
"I'm not worried about it at all. There have only been 300 some cases in all of the U.S. and Mexico and there's hundreds of millions of people so I think that people are making too big of a deal about it right now. Plus, I don't get sick often so I'll be good."

What is the heaviest object you have ever tried to spin and throw, outside of track?
"Well, to be honest, I've tried to throw some things I shouldn't talk about, so let's just go with a very big rock."

Who is the strongest thrower pound-for-pound?
"Well, the strongest thrower is Christian Cantwell, but as far as the team goes it depends on the lift. No one is really a clear overall strongest. Now if we were all going to have a fight I would have to put my money on me."

What is hanging up on the walls in your room?
"A meet schedule, a calendar, indoor MWC medals and a Dark Knight poster. I don't have much on my walls."

Have you ever tried to throw the javelin?
"Yes I have. In Junior College I threw it in a meet with no practice. I think it went 138', so not very good. It's hard to get it to fly right though."

What is the best nick-name you have ever had?
"The only one I can really think of is in high school a lot of my friends called me Lambo."

If you could have one super-power what would it be and why?
"I would want to be able to fly really fast so I could travel anywhere I want, whenever I want."

Thoughts on getting to sleep in your own bed during the upcoming MWC meet?
"Well, as far as sleeping goes I can sleep good anywhere, but I'm really excited that we get to throw at home. I always do well here."

What is one thing you could add to the throwing events to make them more difficult?
"I've tried throwing a sledge hammer before and that's a lot tougher."