Athlete of the Week Archive

May 5, 2006


Jeremiah Johnson

Congratulations on graduating this week. Do you mind telling us what you will receive your degree in?
"Criminal Justice."

What made you decide to come to the University of Wyoming?
"I always wanted to be a Cowboy. My dad was a Cowboy (A.J. Johsnon- basketball letterwinner in the early 80's) so I kind of wanted to follow in his footsteps. However, I wasn't the best basketball player and so I did it however I could."

Staying with your father, talk about what it was like to come to Wyoming knowing your dad was such a great basketball player here?
"It is really nice because we even had the same major. I have had some of the same professors that he did, so they knew him and now know me. Also, a lot of people in the athletic department know him and then because of that they have followed my career also."

Right now you have the fastest 800-meter time in the conference. How important is it to you to win your third MWC Championship in the event?
"Obviously I would like to win, but mostly I just want to do the best that I can. I have already qualified for NCAA Regionals so I also want to run well there and hopefully get to nationals. Once you get to nationals, anything can happen."

You were an All-American in 2004, how important is to finish your career with that honor?
"Being an All-American again would be the nicest way to end my career at Wyoming. I just need to keep things into prospective and understand that if I don't ever get back there, I already have had a great career and done great things. However, that would be the best way to top things off."

What are your plans after this season?
"I might try to keep running, but if not then probably something in law enforcement and see where that takes me. I am getting married this summer (to Cowgirl distance runner Gretchen Fagley) and she still has a couple more years left so we will definitely stay in Laramie until she is finished."

You have been an All-American, a two-time MWC Champion, and hold numerous conference and school records, what are your favorite memories?
"Winning the MWC Championships twice was pretty neat and being an All-American was obviously awesome, but to be honest being able to put on a Wyoming uniform after growing up here is my best memory. So everyday that I put it on and see the bucking horse on there it really means a lot to me."