Athlete of the Week Archive

May 11, 2009


Britney Jackson

If you could add one event to the heptathlon, what would it be?
"Umm...well I do pretty much everything...but I would add pole valt because it would be fun to fly on a pole."

Who is your favorite professional athlete (any sport)? Why?
"Dwayne Wade. He is an amazing player, and my future husband."

We noticed that your birthday is the 4th of July...have you ever received a box of fireworks as a birthday present? Do you like having the same birthday as the USA?
"It is never boring...lots of bbqs....yumm food. No, I have never recieved a box of fireworks for my birthday, but there is always a show just for me :-)"

How much additional training time does it require to compete in the multi-events? Is that extra training some sort of punishment for something you did to the UW coaching staff in the past?
"Well, I'm usually practicing for at least 30 more minutes than everyone else. I just think my coach like my presence, that's why he keeps me so long...hehe."

What is your favorite T&F event? Least favorite?
"My favorite event is high jump...of course. My least favorite is a tie between the 800(death race) and's just embarrassing."

In the spirit of the upcoming MWC Championships...who would win a heptathlon between all of the MWC mascots (Cowboy, Falcon, Ram, Cougar, Rebel, Lobo, Aztec, Horned Frog, Ute)?
"Well first they would all have to have a sex change because the heptathlon is for girls...:-), but after that of course our mascot would win. A Cowboy can do anything."

What was the last event you attended at the Casper Events Center?
"High School State Basketball."

With all of the events that you compete in, you must have a lot of many pair of T&F shoes do you have?
"I have four pair of spikes...sprinting, high jump, long jump, and shot put shoes....I also use my high jump shoes for javelin."

Why did you choose accounting as your major at UW?
"Well, I love math, but accounting was a little too hard, so I am now a finance major."

Compare the Natrona County/Kelly Walsh rivalry to some other famous rivalry in sports.
"Oh, definitely like Wyoming and Colorado State....we HATED each other when it came to sports."

You are in contention for the heptathlon at the MWC Championships and heading into the final event you get to pick a warm-up song to play over the PA...what would it be?
"A Milli by Lil Wayne."

During a long day of competition what do you eat/drink to keep your energy level high?
"Usually Power Bars and water...bananas, apples. It just depends."