Athlete of the Week Archive

May 26, 2006


Kate Burton

What is your major?
"Mechanical Engineering."

What other hobbies do you have besides track?
"It is a lot of the same stuff. I like going to the gym and hanging out with my friends."

Who was your role model growing up?
"My dad, because he went through a lot of stuff when he was growing up and overcame all of it and then was able to do what he wanted to do."

What is your most prized possession?
"I don't really have one. The geek in me says my graphing calculator. I use it the most of anything I have."

What is your overall career highlight, and also what is your highlight in the short time you have been a Cowgirl?
"Overall, I would have to say breaking the junior national record at the University of Oregon last year. Then as a Cowgirl, it is mostly just everyday because I have the greatest team I have ever had and an awesome coach."

You came to UW via Clark JC, what made you go the junior college route?
"I pretty much wasn't good enough. I actually never threw the hammer in high school, so I showed up in the summer before my freshman year to workout for the discus. Instead I met the hammer throw coach and he said he needed a training partner for the summer. So we ended up training together."

Then after junior college, what made you decide on Wyoming?
"Besides the scholarship, I liked Coach Barrett just as a person and I liked the program along with the area of the country."

How do you get ready for competition, do you have any rituals or superstitions?
"I try not to get into any superstitions because I figure that only you have control of what you're doing."

Do you enjoy the travel that comes with competing at the Division I level?
"Yes and no. It is really fun to see the rest of the country, but when I have got a bunch of assignments due the next day it makes it tough."

What are you thoughts and goals heading into the NCAA Midwest Regional?
"Just to have a solid competition. I have been sick during the latter part of the season and now that I am healthy again I hope to have a good meet and earn a trip to nationals."

What are you plans after you're done with college and competition?
"I hope to keep competing a couple years after college, but then I want to design exercise equipment. That is why I am a mechanical engineering major."