Decathlon and Heptathlon Under Way At 2003 MWC Championships

May 14, 2003

Albuquerque, N.M. (May 14, 2003)-- University of Wyoming multi-event trackand field athletes Bret Zowada and Melissa Laycock completed day one of thegrueling decathlon and heptathlon events Wednesday at the first day of the2003 Mountain West Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championships inAlbuquerque, N.M. Zowada is in ninth place going into tomorrows competitionwith 3,327 points and Laycock is in tenth with 2,366 points.

Zowada, a sophomore from Lusk, Wyo., struggled on the first day ofcompetition. His best performance on the day was in the 100 meter dash wherehe placed sixth with a time of 11.29, a season best mark. He also tied forsixth in the high jump clearing the bar at 6' 2.75".

Laycock, a senior from Cheyenne, Wyo., had a great first day turning in twopersonal best performances. Her mark of 26' 10" in the shot put is apersonal best mark, along with her time of 27.53 in the 200 meter dash. Shewill have to continue turning in great performances to move up in places asshe is competing against five female athletes who are nationally ranked inthe heptathlon.

The second and final day of the men's decathlon and women's heptathlon willconclude on Thursday. The rest of the Wyoming track and field team willbegin competition on Friday.