Student-Athlete of the Week

January 28, 2013

Athlete of the Week

Jaymes Talkington

You're off to a solid start to the indoor season with some solid triple jumps in the first two meets. As a senior, what are your goals for both the indoor and outdoor season?

My goals for this season are to improve on my personal best and place well at conference for the team, and hopefully qualify for the first round of outdoor nationals.

Your triple jump of 48'7.50" from last year ranks No. 10 on the all-time UW best outdoor marks list for the event. How did you feel following the jump and what are you doing to try to beat that distance?

It felt nice to get a jump on the top 10 board last year, and I'm confident I will go farther this year with everything we have been doing in practice and lifting. I have been working hard this year to break a few technique habits that should help me go farther.

You also compete in the high jump and long jump. Of the three, which is your preferred jump?

I've always liked triple jump the best; it's just come easiest to me since high school and I've always looked forward to it the most.

What impact did your brothers Kole, Christopher and Eric have on you growing up and playing multiple sports?

They've all had an impact on me somehow; we were always playing some sort of sport whenever we could. Playing sports with three older brothers was always a challenge, but it's made me more competitive in the long run. So it was a lot of fun having three older brothers who played sports.

Teammate Tyler Gifford also hails from Harrisburg, Neb. Was it by coincidence you both ended up at UW or are you longtime childhood friends?

Tyler and I have always been friends, but it is by coincidence that we both ended up doing track at UW.

How do you keep yourself motivated to train jump after jump after jump? How is Coach Meinecke helping you progress?

The last three years have gone by pretty fast, so I just keep in mind that this is the last year I will ever be able to jump. Coach Meinecke has been very helpful in our progress; the training and lifting that we have been doing have been great and made a huge difference and I think that's why I did so well at our first meet and got an indoor personal record.

You've been in Laramie for a few years now. What do you like most about the city?

I like the cold weather a lot; those days when it gets -15 or -20 are my favorite.

Who is your role model?

Phillips Idowu and/or Ray Lewis

What are your career plans when your time at UW is complete?

After I graduate I'm planning on going to graduate school to get a master's in history, and hopefully get a graduate assistant coaching position and someday become a college track coach.