Student-Athlete of the Week

Mar. 27, 2012

Laramie, Wyo. -

Athlete of the Week

Tyler Skinner

What is it about the sport of Track & Field that made you interested?
As bad as this sounds, when I started in 7th Grade I did it to avoid doing chores at home with my mom, which now I feel terrible about. But I guess the main thing was trying out new events and seeing myself improve in those events. Also it was nice to win.

What is your favorite event to compete in?
In college it's by far the high jump, but back in high school I loved running in the 4x400 relay. A lot of people think I'm crazy for saying that.

What is your favorite event to watch that you don't compete in?
I try to watch all the events, but my favorites to watch are the relays and throwing events. They are some of the biggest studs I know.

What do you like to do in your spare time in between events?
Eat!! I love to just snack all day haha, but I also try to get some homework done and cheer my teammates on.

Where has been your favorite place to travel and compete?
I have two answers for this. My favorite place we traveled to was Oregon for Nationals last year, the track there is one of the coolest places I've been to. My favorite place to compete at is in New Mexico down in Albuquerque for indoors, I've always done very well there.

What would you like to do after college?
I love the sport of track, so I would love to be around it as long as I can. My big plan is to get certified and coach track at the college level. I'm currently working on my degree in secondary education, but I plan on coming back to get my degree in elementary education as well, so if the big plan doesn't work, I can go out and teach (hopefully in Wyoming where the pay is amazing).

What three things do you never leave your house without?
I'm not fully sure. I've never really paid attention to that. I have to say I never leave without my iPod, some sort of food to snack on, and my keys.

Do you like to watch any other sports?
I mainly watch football and basketball, but something I've started watching a bit in my spare time is MMA fighting. That stuff is pretty darn intense.

If you could be a famous singer or actor, which would you choose?
Oh gosh I have no clue, there's a lot out there that are really good. I'd be either Morgan Freeman or Ryan Reynolds; those two are quite the studs.

What would be your dream car?
Oh man that is a tough one. I have an uncle that is just crazy about old muscle cars and he shows me all sorts of them, so it's very hard to choose. I would probably have to choose either an old school Ford Mustang or a Dodge Charger.

If you could play any sport professionally what would it be?
I would love to do track professionally, but I wouldn't mind doing football or basketball also. But for those two I think I would have to weigh more than 195 for being 6'6", I'd probably get destroyed.

Who is your role model?
I have three role models actually. In sports my role models are Charlie Clinger and Dave Draney. They both were from Star Valley and did very well in track at the college and professional level. My other role model is my dad, the greatest man I know.

What do you enjoy the most about track season?
Oh there are a lot of things I enjoy about the season. Traveling to new places (which are mostly warmer than Laramie, ha ha), eating at some amazing places (the food alone is worth the trip) and making some great memories. But the best is doing something I love with some of the greatest people I know. Watching my teammates practice and compete helps push me to do the best I can everyday.