Cowboy Joe Club Raising Funds to Send Don Yentes to World Championships at Helsinki, Finland

July 12, 2005


Shauna Smith, Wyoming's greatest hurdler in school history, will be competing at the World Championships in Helsinki, Finland in August, and the Cowboy Joe Club is accepting gifts to suppliment the cost of sending her coach, Don Yentes, to the event.

Yentes is Wyoming's head track coach. All gifts for the fund will be restricted to the UW track account, and will be used solely for the purpose of Yentes' trip. Those wishing to contribute may send their gifts to the Cowboy Joe Club, marked " Track World Championships".

The Brown `N Gold Outlet is selling a Shauna Smith commemorative t-shirt for the occasion with a portion of the proceeds earmarked for the Yentes fund. The t-shirts will be on sale next week at the Brown `N Gold's Cheyenne and Laramie stores for $15.

Yentes will be traveling to Helsinki to coach Smith on Aug. 7. Smith will be competing in the 400-meter hurdles at the World Championships from Aug. 10-13.

Questions regarding the Yentes fund may be directed to Jared Newland of the Cowboy Joe Club at 307-766-6152, or