Track And Field Team Holds Brown And Gold Meet

Oct. 17, 1999


The University of Wyoming trackand field team got its season underway today at the Brown vs Gold meetin War Memorial Fieldhouse.

The team went through a variety of events as they head into the indoorseason. The first competition of the year is Dec. 4 at the Kansas StateInvitational in Manhattan, Kan.

?The Brown and Gold meet is a good indication of our fall conditioningprogram and where we're at with that,? said Larry Judge, University ofWyoming head track and field coach. ?It gives us an idea of where weneed to be with six weeks of training before our first meet.

?Our returning national qualifiers looked real strong for us. Overall,I think we have a chance to field the best team we've had since I?vebeen here. I feel like our fitness level is very, very high right now.We've had a really solid fall of training, and the key now is to keep itgoing. I feel like our key people are on track to do some big thingsthis year.?

Wyoming will host five indoor meets this year, with the first one onDec. 11. The Mountain West Conference Championships will be Feb. 24-26in Colorado Springs, Colo.