Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 2, 2005

Emerald Reid

What is your most fond memory as a member of the University of Wyoming Cross Country Team?
"My favorite memory would have to be last year when my team and I placed 5th out of 18 teams at the NCAA Regional Championships and were able to send my teammate Jennifer Thompson on to Nationals."

What are your plans after college?
"Nothing is concrete yet, but I plan on attending graduate school and getting my MBA as well as take the CPA exam so that I can become a licensed CPA."

What superstitions (if any) do you have?
"I don't really have any superstitions personally. Our faith as a team and our dedication to tradition is what we do. We say a prayer before every race, "Isaiah 40:31", as a team."

Do you have any unusual preparations before an event?
"When we're at home, we get together and eat pasta dinners at each others' houses. When we're on the road, we fill the hotel bathtubs with freezing cold water, followed by ice from the hotel ice-machines. Then we submerge ourselves for about 10 minutes, until we're nice and numb and then we get into our warm sweats and drink Gatorade and watch TV."

How important has cross country been in your life?
"Cross Country wasn't my sport of choice in high school, but I tried it out the last 5 weeks of my senior season and came to enjoy it. I never thought I would be able to go on to college with it; especially at the Division IA level. I always thought I would play volleyball. So, it has been important, but you can only do it for 4 or 5 years, so you'd better do your best."

Which competition are you looking forward to the most this season?
"The Regional race because it is our best chance for qualifying for Nationals. I'm also excited to go to Notre Dame. It will give us a chance to compete against some big name schools and show them who Wyoming is and what we're all about."