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Sept. 14, 2010


Athlete of the Week

Greg Miller

You are from Canada, what is the biggest difference between Wyoming and Canada?
"Winnipeg gets hotter summers and REALLY cold winters (like 45 below)."

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada?
"I would have to say population. My city has 900,000. We also have polar bears in my province which is pretty sweet."

Do you have any routines or pre-race rituals you have to go through before a race?
"I just like to hang out with my team and talk about things besides racing. It helps me not get too nervous."

What is your favorite course to run on and why?
"I think that my favorite race is the UW home meet at Jacoby Golf Course. It is a blast to have that many people cheering for us and we get the altitude advantage!!"

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be?
"I have raced in Kenya (Africa), which was an awesome experience but a little too hot for me (being from Canada). So I think it would be pretty fun to race in the Arctic."

How did you feel about the Wyoming Cowboy Swimming and Diving Team coming to cheer you on in your first meet this season?
"That team really shows great UW spirit. It lifted the atmosphere and really amped us up for our first meet. Now we just need to get together and get to some more swim meets this season."

If you could compete in one other sport what would it be and why?
"I would have to say swimming because I swam through high school and chose to focus strictly on running my senior year (less morning practices)."

Would you rather listen to an IPod while running?
"No, running with my teammates is usually more entertaining than music. But sometimes on my Sunday run I listen to my i-pod."

Most runners do not drink soda, do you?
"Well..............We do have a soda machine in our apartment...."

If you could run against any famous cross country runner who would it be?
"Steve Prefontaine."

What is the difference between your mindset at the beginning of a race as opposed to the end of it?
"Usually at the beginning I am a little nervous but excited, by the end I am counting down the steps until it's over."

Who do you think is going to win Dancing with the Stars?
"I just Googled to see who was on the show and I am leaning towards David Hasselhoff...haha."

What types of food do you eat before a race?
"I am not a picky eater so I usually eat anything in sight, but try to eat a lot of carbohydrates."

Who do you think should replace Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol?
"Is that show still going on??"

Is there a certain person on the team that really pushes you to do your best?
"I think that we all push each other. Everyone has their days where they feel great and that's one of the best aspects of this team."