Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 25, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

Nikki Peterson

When you get time off, how do prefer to spend it?
"I like to do anything athletic and I also like to go online and look up running stats; I love it."

What other sports have you done in the past and enjoy doing?
"I did everything when I was younger, and then I gave it all up so that I could concentrate on running cross country and track."

You came back to Wyoming after spending a year at Indiana University, what are some of the differences you've noticed since being back?
"It's a pretty big difference. The program there is much bigger, and it was interesting to see the differences between things like the budget. I know that our budget is growing every year, but out there, they tend to just throw stuff at you. Wyoming is more personal and focuses on the individual athletes."

The team is young this year; have you been able to get to know the new girls yet?
"Well, we only have three girls returning this year and I know one of the incoming recruits, but other than that, we have about two or three other girls, but we're all getting to know one another pretty well. There is another girl that I've been working with who's from Laramie and she might walk-on, so hopefully it works out."

Being an athlete for UW, are you able to meet and hangout with other athletes from different sports?
"Yeah, I definitely have friends who participate in other sports and I enjoy getting to know them and hangout with them, but once cross country starts, we pretty much have our own little group made up of our teammates that we spend most of our time with."