Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 26, 2008


Michael Huntington

What is hanging up on the walls in your room?
"Well, I have a picture of my wife Amber and I, on our wedding day. Other than that not much."

What is one thing you miss about Denver?
"You know, I really liked Littleton because it was close to the mountains, but I do miss the fall. It seems in Laramie's fall goes very quickly into winter."

When you are finished with school, how do you think you will use your running knowledge and/or ability later in life?
"I think I will always keep up a healthy lifestyle...eating, exercising, because I like to feel fit."

Do you bike or drive to class?
"Always bike I have a running bet with Seth Grossman who can keep riding their bike to class, even as we get closer to winter."

If you had one super-power what would it be and why?
"I would sure like to have Spawn's re-healing ability, so after a hard run, I could recover really fast."

What is one thing that you like to eat that may be unusual for a runner or something that a runner usually wouldn't eat?
"When you say runner, food-wise everyone thinks carbs. I like a steak. The protein is really important for your red blood cell turnover."

What is something you like to eat before a race?
"A banana, it sits easy and has lots of energy. You just have to get used to it."

Have you ever spiked someone intentionally, especially during the beginning of a race when it is really congested?
"No, it would take to much concentration to actually intentionally spike someone. So you would probably end up falling and getting trampled, which would be a good reward."

When running errands, do you run from store to store? Or class to class?
"Oh yeah, I put on my spikes and book it wherever. Save gas, burn's the way to go. If you see me please no "run Forest run." It's unoriginal and overused."

If you could be in any band whose would it be and what would you play?
"I would join up with 3 Doors Down, and hop on a keyboard because I have some piano skill."

If you could participate in one other sport what would it be and why?
"Tennis, I love tennis. I'm not very good but I love to watch and play. With running it has very little skill aspect. I like tennis because it has a large skill, strategy aspect, blended with the conditioning part."

If you could add one obstacle or aspect to cross country what would it be? I.E.: Give everyone a paintball gun, after every mile you have to spin around a dizzy bat, etc...
"I would add pole vaulting over crocodile invested river jump to the sport. Just so runners would need some upper body strength."