Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 29, 2005


Ragan Driver

What is your most fond memory as a member of the University of Wyoming Cross Country Team?
"I would have to say probably the friends I've made. Some of my teammates have become my best friends. I've just enjoyed getting to know people."

What are your plans after college?
"I plan to take a year off and get a job. I need to make some money so that I can go to graduate school."

What superstitions (if any) do you have?
"I guess the only superstition that I have is that every pair of new shoes I get, I write the letters "KLS" and the number 8. It's just kind of my way of remembering my teammates."

Do you have any unusual preparations before an event?
"I like to sit down every night before and event and eat a lot of food. That's really the only preparation I do on a consistent basis."

How important has the sport of cross country been in your life?
"Extremely important. I've made some of my best friends because of it; I've just really loved it. All the cool places I've gotten to go; I've just really enjoyed it. It's been prevalent just because of that."

Being a native of Wyoming, was it a difficult decision to come to Laramie?

"Well, I went to Chadron State right out of high school and just really didn't like it at all. Then I came here and realized that this is where I belong and I have never regretted it. It's been cool being from Wyoming and then going to a Wyoming school. And, you know, it's nice to get to wear that Brown and Gold."

How has it been stepping into a leadership role as a senior?

"It's been pretty smooth; not too much of a challenge. We've got some great young guys on the team, so I don't really have to direct them too much. I think that it's just nice to have a couple older guys around to help calm you down. Hopefully I'm doing that for those guys."

How would you describe your time here at Wyoming?

"Yeah, it's definitely been a positive experience. I have really learned a lot and I have just had a really good time."