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Oct. 9, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

Chris Schabron

How has your role as a member of this team changed now that you are a senior?
"The past couple of years there were always a bunch of older guys around and we'd kind of follow their lead. It was a little different coming in this year; I definitely miss those guys a lot, but at the same time, I have to step up and be a leader. I'm definitely enjoying it just as much as I enjoyed being lead by last year's seniors."

Being from Laramie, did you always want to compete for UW?
"Honestly, I always wanted to come to UW. Everybody in my family except for my mom came here. Definitely when my brother Greg starting running here, that got me excited about possibly running here. Then when my brother Nick came here, I wanted nothing more than to join the team and run with him."

What are you plans after college?
"Um, well I'm enjoying school so much that I'd hate to give it up now. I'm not really ready to go into the real world yet, so I'm coming back to grad school here next fall and get my master's in structural engineering."

What's a typical day in the life of Chris Schabron?
"On a good day, I get up and go for a run, make some bacon and eggs for breakfast, go to class, then I go to work; I work here on campus, so that's easy enough, then I go back to class, then to practice and then I'm off to do homework."

What is your favorite thing to do outside of running cross country?
"Just hanging out with my friends and family. It depends on how hard I worked out during the day as to whether or not I want go play football or something. In the winter I like to go snowshoeing or sledding."

What CD are you currently listening to in your car?
"I wish I had a CD player in my car! I don't even have a tape player; just the radio."

What is your favorite food?
"I'd probably have to go with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's a breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions."

What, if any, are your pre-race rituals?
"We usually like to warm up together. Most of the guys like to jump around a little bit and loosen up so that we're not too nervous. Personally, I usually kneel down at the starting line and say a little prayer; not that I'll beat anybody else on the field necessarily, but that God will help me to push myself to highest level."

What does the dedication of the new track mean to you and to this program?
"Well, for the program, I think that it's definitely great. Since the day it was completed, we've been working out there which is really enjoyable; it's nice having your own track. For me personally, it's a great honor for my family to have a track dedicated to the memory of the eight and I'm just ecstatic about it. It's a great thing to have and I'm glad everything came through and basically I think that's it's great that the eight runners, my brother included, will never be forgotten."