<b>Cross Country Informational Release</b>

Oct. 4, 2001


Cowboys/Cowgirls Return to Competition:

The University of Wyoming cross country teams, competing for the first time since the tragic automobile accident Sept. 16, that claimed eight members of both the cross country and track and field teams, will travel to Boulder, Colo., on Saturday, Oct. 6, to run in the Rocky Mountain Shootout.

The Wyoming men will run a full squad for the remainder of the season which includes five true long distance runners and three middle distance runners who volunteered to come over from the track team to compete with the cross country team.

Cowboy cross country team members Jason Delaney, (sophomore, Polson, Mont.), Arte Huhn, (freshman, Jackson, Wyo.) and Chris Jons, (senior, Lyman, Wyo.) are the remaining Poke runners from the original varsity squad this season. They will be joined by sophomore Joel Hess (Glendale, Wisc.) and freshman Nick Smith (Big Piney, Wyo.), who were going to be redshirted for the 2001 cross country season and middle distance runners Carlon Harrison (sophomore, St. Catherine, Jamaica), Matt Hudson (freshman, Signal Mountain, Tenn.) and Jeremy Thompson (freshman, Aurora, Colo.) to round out the Cowboys' roster. Jons will be looked upon to lead the Cowboys for the rest of the season. In his two meets this year, he placed 16th in the Wyoming Open and 41st in the Colorado State Open. Huhn has also had a solid season and will help to pace the Cowboys. He placed 22nd in the Wyoming Open and 39th in the Colorado State Open.

The Cowgirls will also run a full squad at Boulder as they too return for their first race since Sept. 8. Freshman Jennifer Thompson from Cheyenne, Wyo., has been the top Cowgirl in its two meets earlier this season, placing 15th at the Wyoming Open and 30th at the Colorado State Open.

Sanchez Says:

The following are quotes from Wyoming cross country coach Jim Sanchez about the team continuing on with the 2001 cross country season:

"We as a team never formally met and decided right away if we were going to continue on. It was in the back of everybody's mind, and there was no doubt we were going to continue on this season. We just needed a little time to recover and gather ourselves.

"A week ago Monday we met and I asked the two distance runners who hadn't put the jersey on yet if they were ready to put the Cowboy flag on and they didn't hesitate, they said yes, so there we had five guys to run with. We have three middle distance runners, and I told them I wasn't going to ask them if they were willing to run, they were going to come to me. I didn't even get to the meeting when all three came to me and said they were willing to go. From there we were ready to go and made it official this week.

"A few weeks ago our thinking was we'll take care of now, now and we'll take care of later, later. Well now is later and we are taking care of things.

" The women's team is also starting to bounce back. We had a pretty good work out on Monday. We really didn't know how they were going to react and they all actually ended up running well.

"In Friday's meeting, I'm going to tell them that for a third of the race on Saturday they are going to have to run with their head and then the remaining two thirds they are going to have to run with their heart. I still don't know how they are going to respond. We are just going to go out there and see what we can do.

" We're not doing much of a rah rah talk, we'll just go out there and see what happens. I told the team last week that we need to get back into the running, we are runners, this is what we do best. I think they are responding really well and their true characters are starting to come out."