Student-Athlete of the Week

October 22, 2012

Athlete of the Week

Abi Bever

The Mountain West Cross Country Championships are coming up. What are your personal goals for the race?

Throughout the season, we have talked about the possibility of placing second at the Mountain West meet. This is a goal we can meet if everyone is on their game, and I think this would mean getting as many girls in the top 15 as possible. So my goal is to make the top 15 and help reach our team goal!

Born into a military family, you've lived all over the place. Where was your favorite stop along the way?

Cheyenne was certainly the longest stop for my family, but I don't know if I could pick a favorite! Of course, I love being in Wyoming and close to family, but I do miss that Hawaii weather once winter closes in....

You have aspirations of becoming a teacher. At what level would you like to teach? As an English major, do you hope to teach English or a related subject?

I have always wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember and I would be happy in Junior High or High School settings! I am getting my main area of certification in English Education, but I am working on my English as a Second Language endorsement so that I can teach English to non-native speakers.

How did your time at Black Hills State in South Dakota help with your adjustment in both academics and athletics from high school to Division I?

I loved my time at Black Hills State because during my first few years of college I was able to experience a friendly, close-knit academic environment and compete at a level that I was ready for when I came out of high school. Before my junior year I felt ready for a change and the transition has been great! I would not be where I am now without the support of my community and friends at Black Hills.

What areas of leadership do you focus on as a senior to help the younger runners on the team?

Being in a leadership role has been an interesting experience because last year I was a newcomer myself to the school. However, this year I feel like I have gained some experience and try to use it to help some of our younger girls. My goal is to keep everyone calm and focused throughout racing/training and to encourage everyone to keep their heads up when times get hard!

What advice do you have for everyone on how to stay motivated to run/exercise on a consistent basis?

I try to remind our team that it is okay to have fun with it! The workouts and runs might be challenging, but nobody ever said we had to be miserable. My advice to anyone is to enjoy the challenge, the pain, and the rewards of hard work. Otherwise, you will just miss out!

What is your favorite part of running?

My absolute favorite part of running that I will miss when I graduate is being on a team! I love the feeling of running in a pack and being in sync with my teammates. Having a group of girls that care about each other and run for each other is a unique experience that I will miss!

How is Coach Berryhill's training and coaching helping you as a runner? What is your favorite/least favorite drill at practice?

Coach Berryhill's training has been great for the team. His workouts are very challenging, but he is smart about keeping us from being too fatigued. Coach is a great motivator and helps us believe in what we can do! As for favorite drill....I'm a big fan of strides! Least favorite drill...(I will probably get punished for saying this...) FROG JUMPS! My short legs can't hop.

What is your favorite movie?

Anything with the Muppets! I'm a big Kermit fan....maybe he can help me with my frog jumps.