Student-Athlete of the Week

Oct. 24, 2011

Laramie, Wyo. -

Athlete of the Week

Nik Deininger

Describe a typical week of practice? How many miles do you run?
We usually run about 70 to 80 miles a week with 2 or 3 quality workouts and a long run.

Being from Wyoming, what was it like to put on the Wyoming Cowboy uniform for the first time?
My first race for UW was here in Laramie and it had been four years since I had run a cross country race! So I was nervous to say the least but it was a great feeling.

What is your favorite thing about XC season? What is your favorite thing about the track seasons?
Cross country is more of a team sport than track. We are always trying to get better as a team and I really like that. My favorite thing about track season is the steeplechase. It is just a great race that really tests your limits.

What do you like to eat after races?
I love to eat junk food after races. Sometimes Ryan Greisbach brings peach rings for a post race snack!

If you could choose one song to play over the loud speaker before you start your races what would it be? Why?
I am kind of a metal guy so it would have to be Boneyard by Parkway Drive.

What made you choose Physical Education as your major?
I really love physical activity and I also love working with children so it is a great combination.

Being a senior you are an experienced runner for UW, what has been the most important thing you have learned about competing at this level?
As a distance runner we train year round so I have learned you really have to take care of your body by icing and eating well if you expect to get better.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Why?
I would love to have dinner with Captain John Parker. He was the first American officer to be killed, on the first day of the Revolutionary War.

What are your personal goals for the year?
For cross country I want to run under 26 minutes in the 8k and for track I want to run under 9:30 in the steeplechase which will hopefully put me in the top 8 at conference.

What other UW sporting events do you enjoy attending? Why?
I like to watch men's and women's basketball. I played for four years in high school and I have liked it ever since.

What is something about your hometown of Douglas that people might not know?
Douglas is the home of the Jackalope. There is a 15 ft Jackalope statue in the middle of town.

What is your favorite race to run during the indoor season? What about outdoor?
I like the 3k during indoor because it is short and fast and you can't beat the steeple during outdoor.