Sept. 14, 2015


What is SAAC?
SAAC consists of representatives from each intercollegiate athletic team and the spirit squad. Each committee member is nominated by his/her respective coaching staff/training staff and asked to serve as their team's SAAC representatives. The committee meets one time every month during the academic year to discuss current developments within the NCAA, the Mountain West Conference and the University of Wyoming as well as to plan for upcoming SAAC initiatives, community service outreach and discuss any issues of concern that pop-up, for the UW Student-Athlete.

University of Wyoming SAAC Mission Statement
The mission of the University of Wyoming Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enhance the quality of life of the student-athletes and to promote a positive student-athlete image both on and off campus.The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee serves as a liaison between the administration and the entire student-athlete population. The Committee also serves as a forum for discussion of pertinent student-athlete concerns and issues. In addition to working with university administration to enhance the general welfare of the student-athlete, a major goal of SAAC is to give back to the community. SAAC is active in numerous philanthropic activities throughout the school year.

2015-16 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Officers
Gabrielle Gibson (GG) - Women's Golf - President
Kayla Henderson - Women's Volleyball - Vice-President
Kalah Skates - Women's Track & Field - Campus Liaison/Event Coordinator
Matt Cook - Men's Swim & Dive - Organizational Relations Officer
Bridget Shanahan - Women's Volleyball - Media Relations Officer
Anne Hinman - Women's Soccer - MWC Representative
Bryce Carter - Men's Swim/Dive - MWC Representative

Each Sport program and Spirit Team will have at least two team members eligible to serve as the SAAC Representative for their respective team/program. The SAAC Reps will be expected to attend (1) one hour meeting each month, participate in the programing/activity each month and, communicate/report back to their respective team on all of the programming and activities that are being offered.

SAAC Team Representatives for 2015-16
Football - Brenan Turelli
Golf, Men's - Ryan Wallen
Golf, Women's - Amanda Hinchey
Golf, Women's - Gabrielle Gibson (GG)
Basketball, Men's - Austin Conway
Basketball, Men's - Hayden Dalton
Basketball, Women's - Natalie Baker
Basketball, Women's - Jordan Kelley
Basketball, Women's - Bailee Cotton
Soccer - Anne Hinman
Soccer - Mandy Meyer
Spirit Team Cheer - Chelby Lewis & Camille Heiden
Spirit Team Golden Spurs - Teagan Young
Swimming/Dive, Men's - Colin Brinkman
Swimming/Dive, Men's - Matt Cook
Swimming/Dive, Men's - Bryce Carter
Swimming/Dive, Women's - Connor Tarver
Swimming/Dive, Women's - Lily Salzer
Tennis - Dorottya Jonas
Tennis - Magda Stencel
Men's Cross Country - Aaron Derner
Women's Cross Country - Audra DeStefano & Ali Walker
Women's Track & Field - Kereston Thomas & Kalah Skates
Men's Track & Field - Damon Unland
Volleyball - Bridget Shanahan
Volleyball - Laura Beach
Volleyball - Kayla Henderson
Wrestling - Tanner Harms
Wrestling - Luke Pain

Please contact Director of Compliance, Peter Prigge if you have questions. Peter can be reached at or at 307-766-3795.