Athlete of the Week Archive

Dec. 7, 2009


Djibril Thiam

Would you rather seal a win for the Cowboys in the final seconds by getting a big block or a big dunk?
"I would rather seal a win with a big dunk."

The media guide bio says both your parents played basketball...which family member would win a game of knock-out?
"My father would probably win."

What Senegalese food would Americans most like to eat? Least like to eat?
"They would like Rice and Fish, and the least they would like would be Steamed Rice and a Peanut Butter Sauce."

Do you consider yourself a leader on this year's Cowboy team?
"Yes, I do."

What do you hope to do with a college degree in communication from UW?
"Hopefully get a job in Sports Marketing."

Have you ever hit your head on the rim while dunking?
"I have hit my head on the backboard once, but not on the rim yet."

Where do you find inspiration for your basketball game?
"My family inspires me do great in basketball, but also the love of the game gives me inspiration."

If you could change one thing about the sport of men's college basketball to make it more entertaining, what would it be?
"A bigger court would be more fun."

When was the last time you were back in Senegal?
"Two years and three months ago."

How do you describe Senegal to people from Wyoming? do you describe Wyoming?
"Senegal is the ideal place to go visit because it is rich in culture, it is a very welcoming country, and it is warm and right by the ocean. Wyoming is a very nice state with a lot of natural resources. Pretty mountains and very nice people."

Which UW jersey color is your favorite: gold, brown or white?

Have you been to a rodeo? What is your impression?
"Yes once, it was fun to watch."

If money were no object, what kind of car would you drive?
"Lamborghini Diablo."

Is it hard to find beds that are long enough for you to comfortably sleep in?
"Totally feet are hanging off my bed all the time."

If you had a chance to play 5x5 soccer against members of the UW Cowgirl Soccer team, which of your basketball boys would you take on your squad?
"I would take JayDee Luster, Boubacar Sylla, Arthur Bouedo and Amath M'Baye."