Athlete of the Week Archive

Dec. 9, 2005


James Ebert

You had a successful Junior College career; why did you decide to come all the way out to Wyoming?
"Wyoming has a winning tradition. It's a college town where the people love their Cowboys and there's a chance to be successful and win."

You are one of only four seniors this year; what is it like having to switch into more of a leadership role?
"It's been fun. I didn't get a whole lot of opportunities to play last year and this year Coach has given me that opportunity, so it's been fun trying to help the team get some wins. It's a long season and I'm looking forward to having to step up."

How well did you handle the transition from Junior College to Division-IA?
"It was a jump and still is a little. Everyone at this level is a good player; they can all run, jump and shoot well. The game is a little faster and you play in front of more people, but it's really fun."

Since you're now in your second year at Wyoming, who would you say is the Cowboys' biggest rival?
"I would say Colorado State. We had a huge crowd when we played them here last year and down there was just crazy; they stormed the court. Hopefully, we can go down there and get a win this year."

Where is the toughest place to play?
"The PIT at New Mexico for sure."

What is your favorite memory so far as a Cowboy?
"My favorite memory is playing at Creighton and beating them last year. I'm from Iowa and I know a lot of guys on that team. It was nice to go back home and get a win."

What is the one thing you hope to gain by playing basketball for the University of Wyoming?
"A Mountain West Conference Championship."