Athlete of the Week Archive

Dec. 13, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

Brad Jones

Do you feel as though your role has changed now that you are in your second season as Cowboy?
"Yes I think so. Being an older guy on the team, even though this is my second year, I feel like my role has changed to more of a leadership role. I've been through a little bit more than most of the guys on the team and coach kind of gave me that role by naming me a captain."

Tell us a little bit about the relationship that you and Brandon have developed over the last couple of years?
"Definitely. Like I always say, last year around this time, people were thinking that Brandon and I were going to be competing for the starting job, but we knew all along that we would be playing more together than not. We stayed here in Laramie over the summer and worked on our games and developed a goal that we both wanted and that's how we became so close."

Other teams are starting figure out that they're going to have to stop our guards. Do you think that will benefit the other guys on the team?
"Oh definitely. I think that the more teams scout us, the more they're going to overlook other guys on the team. That in itself will open up opportunities for guys like Eric to get more shots. "

What do you think the key is for this year's Cowboy team to get past where you finished last year and on into the NCAA tournament?
"Well, hopefully this year we'll have twenty-one plus wins so that we can already have the automatic bid, and we're already on target to have a twenty win season. We just want to build on that from last year and we know the importance of winning early and winning at home, so that's what we've been trying to do."

What is you major and how is finals week going for you?
"I'm actually a Criminal Justice major and I have a criminal law test tomorrow and it's going to be probably my hardest final, but so far everything is going really well with finals."

What are you thinking about using your criminal justice major for after you've finished here at UW?
"Well hopefully I will be a probation or parole officer. I have a lot of friends and know a lot of guys who could use my help, so that's what I'm going to try to do."

Have been able to adjust to Laramie yet, coming from Arkansas?
"Oh yeah. I know that this can be hard to believe for people when I tell them this, but coming to Laramie was actually like moving to a city because where I'm from, the town is way smaller; like a population of 1,200 people. We don't have any stop lights, or restaurants, so when I come here, I enjoy it because there is definitely more to do. Getting used to the cold was and is the biggest problem I have."

Even though you have taken on more of a scoring role this year, if you had to pick a different role on the team, would you rather have a key assist or a really big rebound?
"I would like to get the really big rebound because I like to give the `Bigs' a hard time about getting rebounds. Assist are good, but the rebound gives me a chance to give those guys a hard time."

Whether it is conference or non-conference, where has been the toughest place you've had to play?
"I would have to say San Diego State. There are few, but I would definitely say that SDSU is the toughest because last year they were playing for the conference championship and had a packed house of around 17,000 and it was pretty loud."

Who would you say is the Cowboys' biggest rival; not necessarily historically, but just right now?
"I would have to say UNLV. I talked to coach Dominguez the other day and he said that we hadn't beat UNLV in a couple years, so I really look forward to playing them this year and getting a win.