Athlete of the Week Archive

Dec. 15, 2008


Tyson Johnson

You have lived in New York, Texas and now Wyoming. When you tell people about Wyoming what do you tell them?
"It's cold and windy here, but it's fun. Everyone knows you since you play basketball and it's like a family out here."

Have you had a chance to travel around Wyoming and see much of the state?
"I went to the Sports Festivals this last summer so I got to visit a couple towns. It was a nice experience. We drove around the northern part of Wyoming and it was a real experience for me. Especially coming from New York where I'm used to seeing tall buildings and now I'm seeing mountains instead."

What are some of your favorite places to go in your home town of Long Island, N.Y.?
"Everywhere. I like to go to the movies a lot. I'm a big movie person. I like to go to the Roosevelt Mall in Long Island and I also travel to the city quite a bit. I have a lot of friends there. So I am all over New York. There are a lot of options."

What are three internet sites that you visit most often?
", Facebook and MySpace."

If you had to choose a superpower to have, what would it be?
"Extra strength. I'd want more strength. I just love being strong. My favorite animal is a bear because of their strength."

Other than you, pound-for-pound, who is the strongest person on the Cowboy team?
"Adam Waddell. He is a beast in the weight room and a beast on the court. Just watch how he plays. He's just a beast."

In a sport other than basketball, who has been one of your favorite athletes to watch?
"Emmitt Smith. I liked him when he played."

As a social science major, what do you plan to do with that degree?
"I'm not quite sure yet. I might go into coaching or teaching. Working with little kids. I'd like to do something with kids, so probably coaching or social work."

If you could add one thing to the sport of basketball, what would it be?
"I would add a four-point play. I think basketball needs a four-point play. Maybe if you get a dunk and get fouled then that is a four-pointer."

How much talking actually takes place on the floor between opposing players and how much do you get into that?
"Yeah, I'm into that kind of thing. I'm from New York and we go after each other there. It's competitive, but it's all in fun and part of the game. Everyone talks on the floor. Coaches talk, players talk, but it's fun's part of the game."

If you had to pick one person to represent Wyoming Basketball on American Idol, who would it be?
"Afam Muojeke."