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Dec. 15, 2010


Athlete of the Week

Francisco Cruz

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
"My Mom's food! The dinner that my family has on Christmas is my favorite Christmas tradition."

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
"Jingle Bells"

What is the one Christmas present you hope to get this year?
"Underwear. I really need new underwear."

Where did the nickname Paco come from?
"My mom actually gave it to me."

What is your favorite meal?

Of all the Mexican restaurants you have ever eaten in the United States, which is the most authentic?
"A restaurant I used to eat at in Nebraska, but Corona Village here in town is really good too."

What was the hardest part of the transition to Division I basketball?
"Deciding which school I wanted to go to."

Where is your favorite spot on the floor to shoot from?
"The free-throw line"

If you weren't playing basketball what sport would you play?
"Probably soccer"

When was the last time you went home to Nogales?
"This past summer"

Growing up in Mexico, what basketball players and teams did you watch as a child?
"I liked Vince Carter and I liked every team except for the Lakers."

Who is your favorite musical artist?
"Valentin Elizalde"

What was your favorite thing about Scottsbluff, Neb.?
"The basketball"

What is your fondest memory of high school basketball in Denver?
"It was when I dressed up as a monkey for our pep rally before our second state championship during my senior year."

What was it like moving to Denver from Nogales as a teenager?
"It was really hard. It was just a different world."

Why did you choose jersey No. 4?
"I don't know, #9 is actually my favorite number but you can't wear it in basketball."