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The Wyoming Cowboys (15-9, 5-7 in the WAC Mountain Division) 1998-99 AveragesProbable Starters Ht. Wt. Cl. Hometown PPG RPG APGF #22 Josh Davis 6-8 210 Fr. Salem, Ore. 8.5 6.3 1.2F #40 Justin French 6-6 210 Jr. Fort Collins, Colo. 5.0 3.0 1.0C #4 Ugo Udezue 6-8 237 So. Anambra, Nigeria 20.5 7.6 1.1G #5 Anthony Blakes 6-2 188 RJr. Phoenix, Ariz. 11.0 7.3 4.2G #10 Chris McMillian 5-10 175 Fr. Brea, Calif. 9.0 3.3 4.8ReservesF #0 LeDarion Jones 6-7 232 RJr. Bartow, Fla. 11.7 6.1 1.3G #3 Andy Young 6-0 165 Jr. New Philadelphia,OH 3.0 0.0 0.0G #13 Levi Porter 6-3 189 Sr. Rawlins, Wyo. 0.0 0.0 0.3G #14 Brett McFall 6-0 173 So. Olathe, Kan. 4.4 2.0 3.6F/C #21 John Pettersson 6-9 210 Fr. Lulea, Sweden 3.5 2.0 0.4F/C #33 Antone Lostetter 6-8 217 Jr. Espanola, N.M. 2.3 1.8 0.5F #50 Marty Kleeman 6-6 215 Sr. Afton, Wyo. 0.4 0.0 0.0G/F #52 Bradley Mann 6-6 190 Jr. Bourbonnais, Ill. 8.3 2.5 1.9

Game No. 25: Thu., Feb. 25, 1999, Laramie, Wyo., 7:38 p.m., M.T.,vs. The Air Force Academy Falcons (10-14, 2-10 in the WAC Mountain) 1998-99 Avgs.Probable Starters Ht. Wt. Cl. Hometown PPG RPG APGF #33 Tyron Wright 6-4 195 Jr. West Columbia, S.C. 18.4 6.1 2.5F #44 Billy Humphrey 6-6 220 Jr. Plainfield, Ind. 6.7 5.1 0.5C #34 David Schuck 6-8 215 So. Greensboro, N.C. 6.8 8.8 0.9G #24 Jarvis Croff 6-4 185 So. Beaumont, Texas 14.1 5.2 1.2G #31 Glen Gonzales 6-0 175 Sr. Houston, Texas 3.8 1.8 1.6ReservesG #3 Eric Baugh 5-11 170 So. Providence, Utah 1.1 0.2 0.2G #4 Miguel Garcia 6-6 212 Jr. Orlando, Fla. 6.0 4.0 1.5G #5 Nathan Koran 6-0 185 Jr. Dillon, Colo. 2.3 1.1 0.7G #14 Selwyn Mansell 5-9 154 Fr. Costa Mesa, Calif. 1.3 0.2 0.4F #15 Louis Stewart 6-7 215 Sr. Houston, Texas 8.1 3.3 0.8G #20 Dylan Pope 6-3 180 Jr. Riverside, Calif. 7.3 2.0 1.4G #21 Lawrence Yazzie 5-10 165 Jr. Tuba City, Ariz. 3.5 0.5 0.2F #30 Byron Nicholson 6-6 225 So. Needham, Ala. 1.8 2.9 0.2F/C #45 Steve Kincanon 6-10 223 So. Buffalo, N.Y. 3.4 1.4 0.1F/C #51 Josh Slade 6-9 220 So. Del Norte, Colo. 1.0 0.6 0.0

Comparative Stats: Here is how the Wyoming Cowboys and Air Force Falconscompare statistically. Reb. Avg. Pts. Scoring FG-FGA % 3P-3PA % FT-FTA % Avg. Given Up Avg. Wyoming 693-1609 .431 165-525 .314 410-631 .650 43.9 76.3 81.7Air Force 585-1570 .373 216-682 .317 462-660 .700 42.1 79.8 77.0 UW Margins +.058 -.003 -.050 + 1.8 +3.5 +4.7

Wyoming Versus UNLV Game On Saturday to be Televised Live on ESPN: On Saturday, Feb. 27, 1999, the Wyoming Cowboys will host the UNLV Runnin' Rebels in a game to be televised live on ESPN. It will be the first ESPN telecast from Laramie this season. Earlier this year, the Cowboys were featured on ESPN2 on Jan. 10 at Tulsa. The last ESPN basketball telecast from Laramie was on Jan. 4, 1997, when Wyoming defeated Brigham Young 89-61 on ESPN2. The television announcers for this Saturday's UNLV versus Wyoming game will be Bob Carpenter, handling play-by-play, and Jimmy Dykes, adding color analysis.

Steve McClain Radio Coach's Show: The Steve McClain Radio Coach's Show willair every Tuesday at 7 p.m. beginning Tuesday, Nov. 24. The show will beoriginated by KFBC-Radio of Cheyenne, and will be carried on Cowboy SportsNetwork affiliate stations throughout the season. The show will be hosted by the "Voice of the Cowboys" Dave Walsh. Cowboy fans will also be able to call in and ask Coach McClainquestions about the 1998-99 Wyoming Cowboys. The phone numbers for thecall-in portion of the program are: 1-800-388-7353 or 1-307-634-1240.

Steve McClain Television Coach's Show: The Steve McClain Television Coach'sShow will be televised by KTWO-TV each Sunday at 10:30 p.m., beginningSunday, Dec. 6. Head basketball coach Steve McClain and Dave Walsh will review thepast week in Cowboy Basketball and will take a look ahead to the upcomingweek's games.

Down the Stretch: Two games are left in the 1998-99 regular season for theWyoming Cowboys, and they are both extremely important WAC games. The good news is both games are at home for Wyoming. Thursday, Feb. 25, UW hosts Air Force, and on Saturday, Feb. 27 thePokes host UNLV. Wyoming is battling to earn a berth to the 1999 WAC Tournament to beplayed in Las Vegas on March 2-6.

The Final WAC Regular-Season Games for the Cowboys: After 37 years of WACcompetition, this week's games against Air Force and UNLV will be the finaltwo regular-season contests in the Western Athletic Conference for theWyoming Cowboys. When Wyoming's game versus UNLV is over on Saturday, the WyomingCowboys will have played 530 WAC regular-season contests. Here is a breakdown of the Pokes history in WAC basketball.

Wyoming's Record in the WACWAC Record 253-275 (.479)WAC Tournament Record 10-13 (.435)WAC Regular-Season Titles 5 (1967, 1969, 1981, 1982, 1986)WAC Tournament Titles 2 (1987 and 1988)

Game No. 26: Sat., Feb. 27, 1999, Laramie, Wyo., 7:35 p.m., M.T.,vs. The UNLV Runnin' Rebels (15-10, 8-4 in the WAC Mountain)(Prior to a Thursday game at CSU) 1998-99 Avgs.Probable Starters Ht. Wt. Cl. Hometown PPG RPG APGF #5 Kevin Simmons 6-8 235 Sr. Brooklyn, N.Y. 13.2 6.6 2.8F #31 Shawn Marion 6-7 215 Jr. North Chicago, Ill. 18.6 8.8 1.3G #3 Brian Keefe 6-4 195 Sr. Winchester, Mass. 7.0 1.2 1.4G #11 Mark Dickel 6-2 175 Jr. Dunedin,New Zealand 6.5 3.0 6.8G #24 Greedy Daniels 6-0 180 So. New Orleans, La. 7.0 2.4 3.3Reserves G #00 Desmond Herod 6-2 175 Fr. Brooklyn, N.Y. 4.9 1.2 0.4G #12 Keith Long 6-0 150 Fr. Dumont, N.J. 1.1 0.1 0.1F #13 Matt Siebrandt 6-7 230 Fr. Reno, Nev. 4.0 3.5 0.5F #14 Donovan Stewart 6-4 210 So. Rialto, Calif. 4.7 2.4 0.8F #15 Eugene Brennan 6-4 195 Fr. Rockaway, N.Y. 0.4 0.2 0.0F #20 Chris Richardson 6-6 180 Fr. Corpus Christi, Texas 1.8 1.5 0.4C #33 Issiah Epps 6-10 235 Jr. Kingstree, S.C. 1.9 2.1 0.1C #34 Kaspars Kambala 6-9 250 So. Riga, Latvia 12.8 6.5 0.6

Cowboys Battling to Earn WAC Tournament Berth: With one week remaining inthe Western Athletic Conference regular season, the WAC Mountain Divisionrace is still unbelievably close. UNLV sits atop the division with an 8-4record. Three teams are tied for second place, 1.0 games back of UNLV.Those three teams are Tulsa, Rice and SMU at 7-5. From second place toseventh-place Wyoming, there are six teams within 2.0 games of each otherand each team has at least two games to play. Here is a look at the remaining schedule for the WAC MountainDivision teams.Mountain Division Standings(Through Games of Monday, Feb. 22) Current WAC Remaining Remaining Record (Games Back) Home Games Away GamesUNLV 8-4 ---- None CSU, UWTulsa 7-5 1.0 None SMU, TCURice 7-5 1.0 None TCU, SMUSMU 7-5 1.0 Tulsa, Rice NoneCSU 6-6 2.0 UNLV, AFA NoneTCU 6-6 2.0 Rice, Tulsa NoneWyoming 5-7 3.0 AFA, UNLV NoneAir Force 2-10 6.0 None Wyoming, CSU

This Week's GamesMonday, Feb. 22 Saturday, Feb. 27TCU 76, UNLV 72 UNLV at Wyoming, 7:35 p.m.(ESPN)Thursday, Feb. 25 Air Force at CSU, 1:00 p.m.Air Force at Wyoming, 7:38 p.m. Tulsa at TCU, 4 p.m. (ESPN2)UNLV at CSU, 7 p.m. Rice at SMU, 4 p.m. Rice at TCU, 6 p.m. Tulsa at SMU, 6:30 p.m. (All times listed are Mountain time.)

WAC Tie-breakers: The tie-breakers that will determine the seedings for the1999 WAC Basketball Tournament are as follows:

If Two Teams Are Tied1. The winner of head-to-head competition is the higher seed.2. If the tie is for first place, compare the tied teams' recordsagainst the next highest finishing team in the division and continue on downthe standings until the tie is broken. The team with the best recordagainst the next highest-finishing team or group of teams advances. If thetie is for any position other than first place, the comparison shall beginat the top of the standings.3. If a tie still remains, the conference office shall conduct a draw.The drawn team shall receive the higher seed.

If Three of More Teams Are Tied(Once a tie has been reduced to two teams, the two-team tie-breaker must beimplemented.)1. The teams shall be seeded according to their records versus eachother, therefore, compare the records of the tied teams against each other.The team(s) with the best record(s) versus the other tied teams receives thehigher seed or advances to the next tie-breaker. The team with the nextbest record versus the other tied teams receives the next highest seed.2. (The same as tie-breaker No. 2 above when two teams are tied.)3. If a tie still remains, the conference office shall conduct a draw.The drawn team shall receive the higher seed.

Wyoming Cowboys' Season Capsule

Wyoming's 1998-99 Record: 15-9 (.625)Wyoming's 1998-99 WAC Record: 5-7 (.417) in the WACLast Time Out for Wyoming: Lost to CSU 75-80 in Laramie on Feb. 20, 1999Current Win/Loss Streak: Lost 1UW Head Coach (Alma Mater): Steve McClain(Chadron St.'84)McClain's Overall Record: 15-9 (.625), 1st yearMcClain's Record at Wyoming: SameLetterwinners Returning/Lost: 8/4Starters Returning/Lost: 2/31997-98 Overall Record: 19-91997-98 Conference Record: 9-5, 3rd in WAC Mtn.1997-98 Postseason: Lost in 1st Round of NIT to Gonzaga, 55-69 in LaramieSports Information Contacts: Kevin McKinney Tim HarkinsSports Information Phone: (307) 766-2256

UW Series Record vs. AFA: Wyoming leads 55-18UW vs. AFA in Laramie: UW leads 29-8 UW vs. AFA on the Road: UW leads 26-10UW vs. AFA at Neutral Sites: Tied 0-0Last Meeting: UW won 82-61 in Colorado Springs, Colo, on Jan. 30, 1999UW Series Record vs. UNLV: Wyoming trails 6-9UW vs. UNLV in Laramie: UW leads 5-1UW vs. UNLV on the Road: UW trails 1-7UW vs. UNLV at Neutral Sites: UW trails 0-1Last Meeting: UW lost 75-96 in Las Vegas, Nev., on Jan. 28, 1999

Air Force Falcons' Season Capsule

1998-99 Overall Record: 10-14 (.417)1998-99 Conference Record: 2-10 (.167) in the WACLast Time Out: Defeated TCU 81-78 in Colorado Springs on Feb. 20, 1999University Location: Colorado Springs, Colo.Current Win/Loss Streak: Won 1Head Coach (Alma Mater): Reggie Minton (Wooster '63)Coach's Overall Record: 142-274 (.341),15th yearCoach's Record at School: 153-289 (.346), 16th yearLettermen Returning/Lost: 9/5Starters Returning/Lost: 3/21997-98 Overall Record: 10-161997-98 Conference Record: 2-12, 8th in WAC Mountain1997-98 Postseason: NoneSports Information Contact: Troy GarnhartSports Information Phone: (719) 333-2313Games Prior to Wyoming: None

Cowboys Rank No. 10 in Nation in Scoring: Scoring points has been a strength for the Wyoming Cowboys in the 1998-99 season. As of the most recent NCAA rankings (Tuesday, Feb. 23)Wyoming ranked No. 10 in the nation in scoring, averaging 81.7 points pergame.

Udezue Ranks 29th in NCAA in Scoring, Several UW Opponents Also Ranked: UgoUdezue enters this week ranked No. 29 in the nation in scoring, averaging20.5 points per game. Several 1998-99 UW opponents are also ranked among the nation's Top50 leading scorers. They are: Brian Merriweather, UT-Pan American (No. 4 at24.1 ppg); Lee Nailon, TCU (No. 9 at 22.8 ppg); Jason Terry, Arizona (No. 12at 22.4 ppg); Robert Johnson, RIce (No. 13 at 22.1 ppg); Nate Holmstadt,Montana St. (No. 35 at 20.0 ppg); Franz Pierre-Louis, Wagner (No. 39 at 19.7ppg) and Jeryl Sasser, SMU (No. 44 at 19.3 ppg).

UNLV Runnin' Rebels' Season Capsule

1998-99 Overall Record: 15-10 (.600)1998-99 Conference Record: 8-4 (.667) in the WACLast Time Out: Lost at home to UNLV 72-76 on Feb. 22, 1999University Location: Las Vegas, Nev.Current Win/Loss Streak: Lost 2Head Coach (Alma Mater): Bill Bayno (Sacred Heart '85)Coach's Overall Record: 67-49 (.578), 4th yearCoach's Record at School: SameLettermen Returning/Lost: 6/7Starters Returning/Lost: 4/11997-98 Overall Record: 20-131997-98 Conference Record: 7-7, 5th in WAC Mountain1997-98 Postseason: Lost in 1st Round of NCAA to Princeton, 57-69Sports Information Contact: Jim GemmaSports Information Phone: (702) 895-3207Games Prior to Wyoming: at CSU, Thursday, Feb. 25

Unstoppable Udezue: Over the past seven games, Wyoming sophomore center UgoUdezue has been unstoppable. Udezue has scored 25 or more points in each ofhis last seven games -- 33 at Air Force, 25 at home against both Tulsa andRice, 27 at TCU, 31 at SMU, 32 against Texas-Pan American and 26 againstColorado State. For the season, Udezue is averaging 20.5 points per game. During the last seven-game stretch, he is averaging 28.4 points percontest, while hitting 50.7 percent of his field goals (70 of 138) andaveraging 7.1 rebounds per game. Udezue not only leads the Pokes in scoring at 20.5 points per game,but also leads the team in rebounding, 7.6 rebounds per game, and field-goalpercentage (.485). Here is a breakdown of Udezue's 1998-99 stats this season.WAC Rank in Scoring 4th (20.5 ppg)*WAC Rank in Rebounding 10th (7.6 rpg)*WAC Rank in Field-Goal Percentage 10th (.485)* *As of most recent rankings Sunday, Feb. 21Games Scoring Over 30 Points 5 gamesGames Scoring Over 20 Points 12 gamesGames Scoring in Double Figures 20 gamesGames Leading Wyoming in Scoring 16 gamesDouble-Figure Rebounding Games 8 gamesGames Leading Wyoming in Rebounding 9 gamesDouble-Doubles 8 games

Mighty Mac: He has been Wyoming's iron man, leading the team in minutesplayed at 30.0 per game, while starting all 24 games. He has led theCowboys in assists throughout the season, currently averaging 4.8 assistsper game. He is the Pokes top free-throw shooter, hitting 73.1 percent fromthe line, and Chris McMillian has done this all as a freshman. McMillian enjoyed the best offensive game of his career on Tuesday,Feb. 16, scoring 24 points. He hit 7 of 10 field-goal attempts (70.0percent), 5 of 8 three-pointers (62.5 percent) and 5 of 6 free throws (83.3percent). The freshman from Brea, Calif., is also averaging 9.0 points percontest and has created 1.9 steals each game. He's also ranked in the Top20 in the WAC in three individual categories -- assists, steals andfree-throw shooting. Here is a summary of McMillian's rankings in the WAC statistics.Statistical Category Average Rank in the WACAssists 4.8 apg 6thSteals 1.9 spg 11thFree-throw Shooting 73.1 percent 13th

Udezue Pushes Scoring Average Above 20 Point Mark: Sophomore center UgoUdezue enters this week averaging 20.5 points per game for the season. Only 11 players in University of Wyoming history, other than Udezue,have averaged over 20 points per game for a single season. Flynn Robinson accomplished the feat three different seasons.Fennis Dembo, Carl Ashley and Tony Windis did it twice. Udezue also is within seven points of reaching the 500-point plateaufor the season. He currently has 493 points this season. Among the former great Cowboys who never averaged over 20 points ina single season were: Reginald Slater, Theo Ratliff, Eric Leckner, BillGarnett and Charles Bradley. Here are the Cowboys who averaged over 20 points per game in asingle-season throughout the history of Wyoming Basketball.(Listed Chronologically) ScoringPlayer Avg. SeasonUgo Udezue 20.5 1998-99LaDrell Whitehead 21.7 1996-97Fennis Dembo 20.4 1987-88Fennis Dembo 20.3 1986-87Willie Roberson 20.1 1970-71Carl Ashley 21.3 1969-70Carl Ashley 21.0 1968-69Stan Dodds 20.7 1969-70Harry Hall 20.1 1967-68Leon Clark 22.4 1965-66Dick Sherman 21.2 1965-66Flynn Robinson 27.0 1964-65Flynn Robinson 25.6 1963-64Flynn Robinson 26.2 1962-63Tony Windis 24.3 1958-59Tony Windis 20.9 1957-58Joe Capua 24.5 1955-56

Cowboys Attract 25th Largest Crowd in Double A History: Last Saturday'scrowd of 12,099 was the 25th largest crowd in Arena-Auditorium history. In the 17-year history of the Double A, there have been 11 sellouts(over 15,000), 25 games of 12,000 or more fans and 52 games of over 10,000fans. The largest crowd in Double A history was on Jan. 21, 1995, when15,218 against Brigham Young. Last Saturday's 12,009 crowd was the first crowd over 10,000 thisseason in the Double A.

1998-99 Cowboys Among Top Scoring Teams in UW History: In only his firstseason as Wyoming head basketball coach Steve McClain has made an immediateimpact on the Cowboy program. The Pokes are currently averaging 81.7 pointsper game, which ranks as the seventh highest scoring average in schoolhistory. A year ago, the Pokes averaged only 63.8 points per game.Rank Wyoming Team Scoring Average1. 1965-66 91.02. 1964-65 86.33. 1967-68 85.64. 1969-70 83.95. 1990-91 82.56. 1968-69 82.27. 1998-99 81.78. 1987-88 78.39. 1977-78 78.0 1963-64 78.0

'98-'99 Pokes Also Among Best Rebounding Teams in School History: Thisseason the Cowboys have been among the best rebounding teams in the WAC andin school history. Wyoming is averaging 43.9 rebounds per game which ranksNo. 1 in the WAC. UW also holds a +2.7 rebound margin over its opponents,to rank No. 5 in the league. The Pokes current rebounding average would rank No. 6 in Wyomingschool history. Here is a listing of the greatest rebounding teams inschool history.Rank Wyoming Team Rebounding Average1. 1965-66 54.52. 1964-65 52.03. 1967-68 47.34. 1968-69 46.55. 1966-67 44.06. 1998-99 43.97. 1980-81 42.08. 1951-52 40.79. 1990-91 39.810. 1986-87 36.9

Cleaning the Glass: All season long Wyoming has been an outstandingrebounding team. For the season, UW is averaging 43.9 rebounds per gamewhich leads the WAC, and the Cowboys' current rebound margin is a positive2.7 -- the fifth best in the conference behind Utah, New Mexico, UTEP andTulsa. Here is how the Cowboys rank this season in WAC reboundingstatistics. WyomingCategory Rank in WAC Wyoming AverageRebound Average (All Games) 1st 43.9Rebound Margin (All Games) 5th +2.7

Rebound Average (In WAC Games Only) 1st 43.0Rebound Margin (In WAC Games Only) 3rd +3.5

Mann Breaks Into Wyoming Career Three Point List: Junior Bradley Mann hasbroken into the University of Wyoming Career Top 10 list in three-pointfield goals. Mann now has 91 career three-point field goals, good foreighth place on the UW Career Chart. The career leader is LaDrell Whiteheadwith 168 career three-point field goals from 1995-97. The Wyoming leaders in Career Three-Point Field Goals are: 1. LaDrell Whitehead 1995-97 168 2. Reggie Fox 1987-89 165 3. Fennis Dembo 1985-88 143 4. Jeron Roberts 1995-98 132 5. Maurice Alexander 1991-92 118 6. Tim Breaux 1989-92 105 7. Roman Totta 1993-94 95 8. Bradley Mann 1997-Present 91 9. Travis Butler 1989-92 72 10. Gregg Sawyer 1995-98 67

Most Improved Player in the WAC -- Udezue Would be Hard to Beat: Sophomorecenter Ugo Udezue of Wyoming is arguably the most improved player in theWestern Athletic Conference this season. This season, Udezue is leading Wyoming in scoring (20.5 points pergame), rebounding (7.6 rebounds per game) and field-goal percentage (48.5percent). He is also averaging 29.4 minutes per game. As a true freshman a year ago, Udezue averaged 3.5 points, 4.2rebounds and shot 46.8 percent from the field, while playing 16.5 minutesper game off the bench for the Pokes.

International Flavor: The Wyoming Cowboys fit with the current trend incollege basketball of recruiting international players. Wyoming has twointernational players on its roster. Here are the international Cowboys.

Wyoming International PlayersJohn Pettersson, Lulea, Sweden Ugo Udezue, Anambra, Nigeria

Free-Throw Shooting in the Clutch: When it comes to hitting key free throwsin the final three minutes of the game, here is how the current WyomingCowboys have done for the season and during their careers.Player 1998-99 CareerBlakes 10-16 (.625) 10-16 (.625)Davis 0-2 (.000) 0-2 (.000)French 6-6(1.000) 24-26 (.923) Jones 3-8 (.375) 3-8 (.375)Lostetter 1-2 (.500) 11-16 (.688)Kleeman 0-0 (-----) 0-0 (-----)Mann 10-11 (.909) 12-15 (.800)McFall 7-8 (.875) 10-12 (.833)McMillian 10-12 (.833) 10-12 (.833)Pettersson 4-4 (1.000) 4-4 (1.000)Porter 0-0 (-----) 0-0 (-----)Udezue 6-7 (.857) 11-17 (.647)Young 0-0 (-----) 21-26 (.808)Totals 57-76 (.750) 116-154 (.753)

It is Better to Give Than to Receive: Not only is the Cowboy scoringaverage up dramatically from a year ago -- 81.7 this season compared to 63.8a year ago -- but so is the assist average for the Pokes. Wyoming isaveraging 19.3 assists per game this year, as compared to 10.9 a year ago. The biggest "Giver" on the Cowboy team is freshman point guard ChrisMcMillian, who is averaging 4.8 assists per game. Next on the giving list,is junior Anthony Blakes, who is handing out 4.2 assists per game. BrettMcFall and Bradley Mann have averaged 3.6 and 1.9 assists respectively percontest.

Master Thieves: Wyoming's starting backcourt of junior Anthony Blakes andfreshman Chris McMillian are one of the best duos in Wyoming school historyin stealing the ball from opponents. Heading into this week's games, the tandem ranks among thesingle-season leaders in UW history in steals, and are also ranked amongthis year's WAC leaders. Here is a rundown of the two Pokes' steal stats this year.

Wyoming Single-Season Steals Leaders (By Average)1. Sean Dent 1985-86 2.62. LaDrell Whitehead 1995-96 2.43. Sean Dent 1986-87 2.34. Anthony Blakes 1998-99 2.25. Sean Dent 1987-88 2.06. Chris McMillian 1998-99 1.9 David Murray 1993-94 1.98. Maurice Alexander 1990-91 1.89. David Murray 1992-93 1.710. Fennis Dembo 1987-88 1.6

Wyoming Single-Season Steal Leaders (Total)1. Sean Dent 1985-86 (36 games) 932. Sean Dent 1986-87 (33 games) 753. LaDrell Whitehead 1995-96 (29 games) 704. Sean Dent 1987-88 (30 games) 615. Maurice Alexander 1990-91 (32 games) 586. David Murray 1993-94 (28 games) 537. Fennis Dembo 1987-88 (32 games) 518. Anthony Blakes 1998-99 (20 games) 50 Fennis Dembo 1985-86 (34 games) 50 Fennis Dembo 1986-87 (34 games) 5011. David Murray 1992-93 (28 games) 48 Reggie Fox 1988-89 (31 games) 48 Chris McMillian 1998-99 (21 games) 45

Current Rank in the WAC in StealsAnthony Blakes 8th in the WAC 2.2 spgChris McMillian 11th in the WAC 1.9 spg

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