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Jan. 23, 2013

Laramie, Wyo. -

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A four-year letterwinner from 2006-09, Brandon Ewing is one of the top point guards in University of Wyoming history and the program's record books reflect that. He became the school's second all-time leading scorer with 2,168 career points, just 143 shy of Fennis Dembo, while leading the Mountain West in scoring for three seasons. Ewing made 193 three-pointers, the most in program history, during his time as a Cowboy and finished second on UW's career list with 471 assists. An excellent defender, Ewing also ranks third all-time in steals with 161. His 125 career starts are second in Cowboy history. Ewing has continued that success on the professional level for the past four years.

What has your journey been like since you finished up at UW?


I went to Tel Aviv to play professionally in Israel. Then I went to Cyprus, Greece, to play for AEL where I won the Guard of the Year award. At that time, a few NBA teams were interested in me to go to their development league teams. I ended up with the Iowa Energy where I was considered one of the top three guards to enter the NBA D-League. I was on the cusp of getting a call-up to the NBA, but I broke my finger and it put me out for two months. Now I'm in the Swiss league.

I consider myself blessed in basketball, so I hope to go as long as I can and make the most of it, no matter where it takes me. Now I'm with the Lugano Tigers. We're pretty good. We're the league's top team. They love us over there, so it feels nice to be loved in another country.

Right now my contract was just bought out, so things are up in the air with where I may be going, but I may be leaving Switzerland for a better situation and a bigger club in Europe. I just joined Apoel, a team in Cyprus, Greece. I won Guard of the Year here in 2011 and also scored 51 points in a playoff game here.

What was it like adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle outside of the States?


It was difficult. There are different beliefs, different foods, the daily routines are different and different languages. You have to rely on your teammates a lot to get around when you first get to the area and then you adjust to the new environment. It will make you miss home, for sure.

I've always been good with my teammates and treating them as my brothers. When I get to a new place, they'll show me around, tell me the good places to eat, places to stay away from and just take it from there.

Driving in Greece was crazy with the steering wheel on the right side of the car and driving on the left side of the street.

When you look back on your time at UW, what brings a smile to your face?


For people who know me, they know I don't consider myself bigger than anybody just because I play basketball. I got along with everybody here and I loved the students and the community. Basketball-wise, I think I had a pretty good career. I wish we could have made it to the tournament, or been ranked like this year's team, but as far as my time here, it's hard to put in words. I'm glad that I'm loved here and I love everybody else.

It's hard to put in words how much I love Wyoming. It's definitely a home away from home. Be it with Twitter or Facebook, I keep up with a lot of people from here.

You led the Mountain West in scoring for three years. Who was the best defender you faced? What schools did you enjoy playing the most?


I would say Wink Adams from UNLV. He was a great defender. People would say that Colorado State is our rival, but as a player I always liked going up against UNLV and San Diego State. Those were some exciting games, for sure.

As far as stats, my parents would keep up with all of that. I didn't even know I was the second-leading scorer of all time here until I was told a few minutes ago.

What do you miss about Laramie?


I miss the people. They gave me a lot of love here. I came out here for the Boise State game to show how much I still care and love Wyoming. No matter where I go or how big people may think I am, I'm never too big to come back to Wyoming.

What are your plans following a professional basketball career?


I may try to get into coaching. We'll see what happens. I majored in Communications here and I had a background in that before college.

Coach Shyatt and I e-mail all the time. He knows I want to stay around basketball because that's all I've known for some time now, but we'll see what happens next.

How does your family follow your team in Switzerland?


I really don't know if they do very much. They ask me for the stats or they'll ask me what happened in my games and that's pretty much how it goes. If I go to a Euro League team, then there will be live streaming, but right now my games aren't televised or live streamed for my family to be able to see.

Alongside Brad Jones, you were one of the most powerful guard tandems in the MW. Have you kept in touch with him or others when your time was completed here?


I keep in touch with a lot of former teammates. It's been awhile since I've seen some face to face, but we always text or there's Twitter and Facebook.

Brad and I were called the Killer B's. We liked to consider ourselves one of the top guard duos in the country. Brad is good. He's working down in Denver now. He wants me to move out there, so we'll see what happens when the time comes.

Outside of basketball, what impact did UW have on you as a person?


I took my visit as a 17-year-old boy in 2004 and I left in 2009 as a man. I'm a complete man because of the University of Wyoming.

What do you enjoy doing in Switzerland with any free time you have?


Definitely no skiing. I'm afraid of heights or anything that could lead to an injury like skiing. I can't do it. I just like to hang out with my teammates and have fun just like anybody else.

Kavortney Barber is one of my best friends. He went to Auburn, now he plays out in Switzerland as well. I'm cool with a lot of guys over there.

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