Transcript From Josh Davis' Chat Wednesday

Feb. 13, 2002

Transcript from Wednesday's chat:

Moderator: (4:15 PM ET ) and would like to welcome Wyoming's Josh Davis.

David Eugene, OR: First of all, congratulations on being a huge part of the rebirth of Wyoming basketball. My question for you is post-college. Where do you plan on settling down after school?

Josh Davis: (4:16 PM ET ) Right now I don't have any set plans. I am going to wait and see what happens and role with the punches. I am getting married in August.

Los Angeles, CA: Josh Davis,

You seem to be one of the MWC's best forwards. In your opinion, how good isRandy Holcomb compared to other forwards in the league, including yourself?

Also, how far is SDSU from being a major force in the MWC?

Thanks for your time.

Eddie Torres

Josh Davis: (4:17 PM ET ) Randy is a great player probably one of the best power forwards in the league. He is helping put them on the map and they should be great in a short period of time. Randy is a big part of that.

Matt, Billings Mont. : Do you think that coach McClain will stay in Laramie and build a program rivaling Utah's? Its been great fun watching you play for the Pokes, congrats on a great career !!!

Josh Davis: (4:18 PM ET ) I think coach McClain will stay for a long time. He recently signed a new contract, I think a six year deal, and has done a great job building the program so far.


Josh Davis: (4:19 PM ET ) Chris getting hurt was huge. It hurt us a lot as far as team chemistry. I think we've taken some time and figured it out. He is irreplaceable but we are doing our best without him.

Paul B. (Newberg, OR): Hi Josh-

I've been following you all four years at Wyoming, and I really enjoy watching you play. I noticed in the BYU game a couple of weeks ago that Danny Ainge made the comment, "A lot of people think he could play well at the next level." What are the specific things you think you need to do this spring (both individually and with your team) to prove that you have that kind of potential?

Josh Davis: (4:20 PM ET ) I need to work on every aspect of my game. I need to get better overall. As far as the team we need to get as far as possible as we can in March to gain a lot of national exposure.

Joe Martinez (Green River, WY): How do you feel about not getting any respect in any of the polls? Only two votes in the coaches poll, Utah had 46, they just lost at UNLV. Wyoming won in Las Vegas and at Utah.

Josh Davis: (4:21 PM ET ) It's not too big of a deal for myself. The only way we are going to earn respect is by winning games. The polls aren't really important, winning is in order to get to the NCAA Tournament.

Melita (Ogden, UT): Being a Wyoming alum, I know that pride in our school and state runs deep. Since you are from out of state, how have you found the fans and yourreception in Wyoming?

Josh Davis: (4:22 PM ET ) Fans in Wyoming are great. UW is the only school Wyoming has as far as entertainment and it's great to see how well we are treated.

Bill L: You'll have the chance to play in front of some of the greatest Cowboys ever on Saturday, with the likes of Charles Bradley and Fennis Dembo coming back to campus. What is your sense of Wyoming's great basketball history, and how do you feel you will be considered in the pantheon of Cowboy greats?

Josh Davis: (4:23 PM ET ) It is going to be a great honor to play in front of those players Saturday. I am just here playing basketball, I'll leave it up to everyone else as far as how I'll be considered.

Brad (Columbus, OH): Josh, where is the toughest place to play on the road in the Mountain West? Is it the Double A, what others?

Josh Davis: (4:23 PM ET ) Probably Air Force to me is the toughest place to play bar none. Also Colorado State.

Dave (Laramie): Given that Wyoming has been overlooked by the national media so far, does the team feel that they have to win the MWC tournament to make the dance? By the way, thanks for all you've done for Wyoming basketball the past four years!

Josh Davis: (4:24 PM ET ) I think that we might have to win the MWC Tournament to get into the NCAA Tournament. However if we continue to win we could get an at-large bid but we want to take care of business and not leave it up to anyone else.

Chauncey (Denver): Who is the best player that you have gone against in your four years as a Cowboy? why?

Josh Davis: (4:25 PM ET ) Shawn Marion (UNLV). We guarded each other almost the whole game my freshman year. I had 24 points and he had 22. It's great to see how well he is doing in the NBA.

Jeff (Portland): Being a UW grad, I always thought it must be difficult for our coaches to sell Laramie, Wyoming. I loved it, but it's not exactly the most exciting place in the world. How/why did you choose UW? That turnaround is money Josh!

Josh Davis: (4:27 PM ET ) I came here to work and get the job done. There are not a lot of outside distractions which is a good thing as it allows you to concentrate on basketball and school.

Bob in DC: Which MWC team do you most look forward to playing? Least look forward to playing?

Josh Davis: (4:28 PM ET ) They are all tough. I look forward to playing CSU because they are our rival. I look forward to playing Air Force the least because their style of play is frustrating.

Ryan (Boulder, CO): Josh, what kind of impact has Dontae Richardson had on this year's team? I saw him win a state championship in high school and never thought he'd turn out to be this good of a Div. I player.

Josh Davis: (4:29 PM ET ) He has had a tremendous impact. He is a great scoring guard and has definitely filled the hole we were missing last year.

Jamie (Fort Collins): Josh, what is your most memorable moment at Wyoming at this point in your career? It's been a pleasure watching you play at Wyoming the past 3 and a half years, and I wish the best for you in your basketball future. Beat up the Rebels on Saturday! GO POKES!!

Josh Davis: (4:30 PM ET ) Hard to say, there has been a lot of them. I can't really pick out one. Winning at CSU, UNLV and Utah this season are some. Playing basketball at UW has been a lot of fun.

Fort Worth: Your team has been able to win close games on the road this year. What has been the difference compared to last season?

Josh Davis: (4:31 PM ET ) We have a better mentality and are more focused. We have a "want to win the game" mentality and are not worrying about being on the road.

Dave (Laramie): Out of the conference players that you match up against, who is the toughest to play against? why?

Josh Davis: (4:32 PM ET ) There are a lot of good players. Randy Holcomb (SDSU) and Dalron Johnson (UNLV) are really good.

Press (New York): Hey Josh, big fan of yours. I am a Maryland alum and am used to seeing the Terps play Top 25 teams game in game out. How do you feel you guys can match up against teams like the Terps or other big time schools come March? Good luck

Josh Davis: (4:33 PM ET ) I think we have a good chance. We haven't had a chance to play a whole lot so we don't have the experience. No one wants to play us here in Laramie. I think we could surprise some teams.

Dennis, Washington DC: This has been a fantastic year, and possibly one which will end Wyoming's 15 year drought of NCAA tourney appearances. However, without winning the Mountain West tourney we won't get the necessary automatic bid. But the question remains, can Wyoming beat University of Nevada Las Vegas on their home floor in the Mountain West tourney? Can anybody?

Josh Davis: (4:34 PM ET ) Good question. We beat them earlier this season in Las Vegas thus anything can happen. I think it is a definite advantage for them to play the tournament on their home floor. Whoever is going to beat them is going to have to really come and play.

Brad Eckert (Dallas): I have enjoyed watching your team's high octane offense over the past few years (whenever you play on national television.) Is there any player(s) in the past or present that you try to model your game after?

Josh Davis: (4:35 PM ET ) Not really. I don't really model my game after anyone. I just go out and play basketball.

William Cor (Aiken, SC): Now that Wyoming has played each of the MWC teams at least once, which team to you think will give the Pokes the most challenge in the conference tournament?

Josh Davis: (4:36 PM ET ) It's hard to say. Playing UNLV on their home floor is really tough. We want to look at everyone the same and come out and play our game.

Rodney Shero (Spokane, WA): Josh,I'm originally from Wyoming and now a student at Gonzaga University, but I'm still an avid Wyoming fan. I really hope Wyoming makes it to the tournament and I think you guys will. I was wondering how you would feel facing a team like Gonzaga in the opening rounds of the big dance?

Josh Davis: (4:37 PM ET ) It would be a lot of fun. They are a great team. I feel we would match up well against them.

Stan (Denver): I noticed you having a little conversation with Utah's Chris Burgess after your win there. Did he give you any "inside information" on his return??

Josh Davis: (4:38 PM ET ) He said he was going to play last weekend against SDSU and UNLV. I think he really wants to play but the doctors are holding him back a little bit.

Jeff (Jackson Hole): how has the loss of the 8 cross country runners affected your team? I am fortunate that my friend who is on the CC team wasn't in the car.

Josh Davis: (4:40 PM ET ) It was huge for the entire athletic department. I think it brought the entire athletic department together. We had to turn it into a positive. It had a huge impact on Laramie. I think everyone is affected in some way by it in a smaller community like Laramie.

Jeff (Jackson Hole): What did you say to the team after fouling out at CSU?

Josh Davis: (4:40 PM ET ) I just said go win the game.

Jeff (Jackson Hole): Hey Josh,Can you tell by the attitude of your team before a game whether or not you will perform well that night?

Josh Davis: (4:41 PM ET ) Yes. Every game we try to come with the same mentality but everyone is human and it's a little difficult. Going into a game you can usually tell who is going to be in it and who is not.

Bill L: One of the great moments of Wyoming's recent basketball history, to me, was the way the crowd honored Brett McFall after his last game last year. Do you remember that? Are you looking forward to that "senior moment"? And, in 20 years, when you've been a successful NBA player and are leading a productive life after basketball, will you be a guy that wants to come back to Wyoming every once in a while?

Josh Davis: (4:43 PM ET ) Senior Night is going to be a lot of fun and special. I'll always want to come back to Wyoming. I love Wyoming, it's beautiful and I love the life style. I will always come back.

John,(Cheyenne): Josh,Your scoring is a little down from last year, do you think that is because teams are focusing in on you more or is it because the team has more scorers this season, or a combination of the two?

Josh Davis: (4:44 PM ET ) Probably a combination of the two. The team has more talent and more people can score. You can't really just take all the shots all the time. We have so many scorers anyone can step up on any given night.

Andy (Laramie): Congrats on a great career so far at UW. How much of the "revenge" factor will play into saturdays game against UNLV? We all remember how they beat us in Laramie last year. GO POKES

Josh Davis: (4:45 PM ET ) It will stick in our minds, but we are going to look at it as just another game. It definitely plays a little bit of a role though.

Michelle (KC, Mo): Josh,

What are your chances to repeat the performance of the 1987 team that made it to the sweet 16???? Assuming you make it the dance. Go Pokes!!

Josh Davis: (4:46 PM ET ) I really don't know. I think we have the talent we just need to come prepared. It's up to us as a team to come together and play every game. If we do that there is not a whole lot that can stop us.

Dustin Casper, WY: First of all congrats on an excellent season. Do you feel that Wyoming and the rest of the MWC is getting under rated?

Josh Davis: (4:49 PM ET ) I think the MWC is very underrated. There are a lot of good teams in this league. In pre-conference play the league as a whole picked up a lot of good wins. I think part of it will depend on how well we do in March. Hopefully eventually we'll get the respect we deserve.

Moderator: (4:49 PM ET ) That is all the time that Josh has for us today. Thanks for all the great questions!