Student-Athlete of the Week

March 11, 2013

Athlete of the Week

Nathan Sobey

The Cowboys head to the MW Tournament this week in Las Vegas. What are you doing to focus for the big event and how do you hope to help the team make a run?

Just getting better day by day doing all we can to put ourselves in the right position and focusing on one game at a time.

What do you feel is your greatest contribution to the team with your skill set? Do you enjoy a sixth-man type mentality coming off the bench?

I like being a sixth-man; I think it's really fun to come in and bring some energy/hype to help with whatever my team needs. I think I help the team most on defense.

How are Coach Shyatt and his staff helping you develop as a player?

Just explaining to me every day what I can do better than other things and what I need to work on. Pointing me in the right direction to help the team.

You already made a big adjustment going from Australia to Cochise College in Arizona. Other than the weather and climate, what was the biggest change from Arizona to Laramie?

I would just say it's far away from home and it has just helped me get used to being in different places.

How did Cochise prepare you for UW in both basketball and schoolwork?

Coach Carrillo and Coach Meyer were unbelievable in what they did to prepare me. They held me accountable to do good on the court and in the classroom. It really taught me a lot.

What did you enjoy most about growing up in Australia? Did you grow up a soccer/futbol/rugby fan or was basketball always your sport?

Aussie rules footy. I was a footy player and a basketball player back home.

Did you play sports with brothers Josh and Jacob? Which was your favorite to play with them?

Yes, I played bball with my brother Jacob and plan on playing footy with my brother Josh one day.

What are your career plans when your UW career is over with a degree in social science?

I am unsure as of right now. I would like to keep playing after college.

With any free time that comes by outside of basketball and classwork, what do you enjoy doing?

Playing Call of Duty. GUNZ UP!!