McClain Adds Schroyer to Cowboy Basketball Staff

April 12, 2001


Wyoming Basketball Coach SteveMcClain has named Heath Schroyer as the newest member of his Cowboy coachingstaff.

Schroyer, whose appointment is subject to UW Trustee approval,replaces Sidney Coles, who resigned this month to pursue other coaching opportunities.

"Heath is a great addition to our staff," McClain said Thursday. "Icould not have found a coach who was a better fit, or who could bring moreto our program than Heath. He has a tremendous knowledge of our league, andthat's a great positive. But more importantly, he's bright, energetic, andan excellent recruiter and teacher. He's an outstanding young coach. Hewas very involved in BYU's defensive scheme, and that was extremelyattractive to me.

"He also opens another another recruiting area for us because of histies on the east coast," McClain continued. "I feel with John (Adams),Leroy (Washington) and Heath I have three great young coaches who have agreat deal of collegiate experience. All three can coach, and all three areexcellent recruiters. I think they compare favorably with any coachingstaff in the country, and that's a great thing for our players, our program,and the head coach."

Schroyer comes to Wyoming from Brigham Young University where he wasan assistant with Steve Cleveland for the past four seasons. He wasinstrumental in the Cougars' return to respectability as coordinator of theteam's defense, as well as its preseason conditioning and skill developmentdirector. Over the past two seasons the Cougars led the Mountain WestConference in scoring defense and field-goal-percentage defense.

He accompanied Cleveland from Fresno City College to BYU in 1997-98,a program that had won just one game the previous season. BYU's fortunessteadily improved, and the Cougars tied with Wyoming and Utah for MWCChampionship this past year, earning a bid to the NCAA Tournament by winningthe conference tourney.

"After scouting the Cowboys, and playing against Coach McClain, Ihave the utmost respect for him, and the program," Schroyer said. "This isa great opportunity for me to learn from one of the most innovativebasketball minds in the country. He, and the people of Wyoming want to win,and win badly. I want to be a part of that."

Schroyer, 29, is a native of Walkersville, Md. He played his highschool basketball at the legendary prep school, DeMatha in Hyattsville, Md.,for Hall of Fame coach Morgan Wootten. At DeMatha, he was named captain andco-MVP. He also was MVP in the Washington, D.C. city title game when hescored 25 points in the second half. He was an all-league player andcaptained the Final Four team at Kings River Community College (Reedley,Calif.), during the 1991-92 season. He earned his B.A. at ArmstrongAtlantic State University (Savannah, Ga.), and his M.A. from NationalUniversity in Fresno, Calif.

"I have appreciated Heath's passion for the game, and the expertisehe has developed in teaching and implementing our defensive system,"Cleveland said. "His energy and attention to detail have been instrumentalin our game preparation for every opponent. His presence has been a majorpart of the rebuilding process."

Schroyer was an assistant for Cleveland at Fresno in 1996-97, wherehe served as defensive coordinator, as well as the recruiting coordinator.Prior to his stint at Fresno, he spent two years as an assistant coach atKings River CC.

He married the former Karen Weymann in September of 1998.