Cowboy Joe Club's Campaign 7220 Proving to be a Success, Head Basketball Coach Larry Shyatt and Family Donate $7,220 to Campaign

Aug. 28, 2014


Cowboy Joe Club

The Cowboy Joe Club, the official fundraising organization for University of Wyoming Athletics, has enjoyed a successful week since kicking off their Campaign 7220 this past Monday. Campaign 7220 was designed to have Cowboy Joe Club staff members and volunteers focus on raising as much money as possible for 7220 minutes leading up to the kick-off of the Wyoming-Montana football game this Saturday.

Thus far this week, CJC has raised $51,157 in donations through their Campaign 7220. The State of Wyoming Legislature and Gov. Matt Mead established a matching fund for cash donations to UW Athletics that will contribute $1.00 for every $2.00 raised between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2014. That matching fund would increase the $51,157 raised to $76,735.

Since the state match was enacted on July 1st CJC has receipted $385,275, which once the matching fund is added in will be $577,912

Of that $51,157 dollars raised this week, $7,220 of it was donated by head men's basketball coach Larry Shyatt, his wife Pam and their family.

"We are always looking for new, innovative ways to generate donations to support the needs of our student-athletes and sport programs here at the University of Wyoming," said UW Athletics Director Tom Burman. "Campaign 7220 is one more example of that.

"The donation by Coach (Larry) Shyatt and his family is the type of gift that I think energizes our fans, our student-athletes and our athletics staff. It makes us all feel good that we are working together as a team to build Wyoming Athletics into the best program we can for our student-athletes and for the people of Wyoming."

"When I heard about the Campaign 7220, I spoke to my wife, Pam, and we as a family thought this would be an excellent opportunity for us to show support for our entire athletics department and the young men and women who compete for UW," said Shyatt. "We have so many generous people who give to our programs through donations, by purchasing tickets and by coming to cheer on the Cowboys and Cowgirls. We can't express how much the support of Wyoming fans means to us, and I think it is important for all of us to show our support for Wyoming Athletics."

Over 17 CJC volunteers participated and helped solicit non-renewals and new CJC members. Volunteers in Wyoming, Texas, Colorado and California participated.

Both new members and volunteers will be eligible for prizes including sideline passes and UW Athletics merchandise.

To participate in Cowboy Joe Club's Campaign 7220 or for questions about the Cowboy Joe Club call 307-766-6242.