Transcript From Steve McClain's Chat On

On Tuesday, Wyoming men's basketball coach Steve McClain hit chat to help get users ready for the upcoming college basketball season.

Transcript from Tuesday's chat:

Steve McClain: I am here and ready for your questions. Let's get started.

Brad in Laramie, WY: Is this team ready to make at the NCAA tournament this year? If so , how deep do you think you go?

Steve McClain: I think we are ready for a NCAA run. How far we can go really depends on many things -- your seed, the draw, your matchups, etc. Our goal is just to get there right now.

Rob Black (Cheyenne, Wyo.): The Cowboys went 4-3 on the road in the MWC last season, a key in tying for the conference title. What was the key to the turnaround from previous years?

Steve McClain: I think right now we finally have veteran players in the program that have experienced winning on the road. In the past we had young players that didn't know how to win on the road. So the veterans have really helped.

Jared Overman, Gillette WY: With the addition of Dickerson, Staight, and Richardson how much do you expect to improve from behind the arc?

Steve McClain: I expect drastic improvement. That was a major weakness in our team last year. All those guys are capable of shooting 40% or better from there. That will really help.

Ryan (Tucson): Coach Mac, First of all I would like to thank you for bring respect back Wyoming basketball. It seems like the new players have filled in the gaps pretty good especally outside the arc. What team do you think will be the hardest for Wyoming to match up against this year? Good luck on the 13th.

Steve McClain: New Mexico creates a matchup problem for us in the MWC because their guards are so athletic and can do a lot with the ball.

Dan, Cheyenne, WY: Coach McClain, Alex Dunn seems to be a player with a bright future in the Wyoming program. How do you think he will contribite over the next couple of years since there are so many big guys in your program?

Steve McClain: Alex is a player that does have a bright future. He is a redshirt freshman that will see some time this year and will be ready to be an impact player his sophomore year.

Ryan (Boulder): What is the health status of Little Mac?

Steve McClain: Right now he is at about 85% and we are waiting to make the decision about redshirting him. We will probably make that call next week.

Benjamin Henrich: How concerned are you about the 'Pokes playing so many games to start the season?

Steve McClain: We do have a lot of games early this season but our depth will help us get through that. It is a tough schedule but we should be OK.

Tom Skidgel in Rawlins: How will wyoming match up against USC?

Steve McClain: As I look at USC, I see three returning starters from a Great 8 team and they have a lot of experience. I am not worried about the matchups, I am worried about our confidence going in against a top 20 team and winning on their floor.

Trent in Sioux Falls, SD: Is Ugo fully recovered from his injury and will he be able to make a more consistant contribution this season?

Steve McClain: I think he is fully recovered. He lost 20 pounds in preseason. He looks to be back in the form he was his sophomore year. I look for him to have a big year.

Scott, Omaha, NE: Coach, what area does Wyoming need to imporve in the most to make it to the NCAA tourny?

Steve McClain: We have to win on the road. I don't know if you call that an area, but we have to win on the road because we only have 14 home games. It is hard to schedule games here so we have to go on the road and win.

Randy G.R. (wy): where will Josh Davis play the most this year the 3 or 4 position?

Steve McClain: I expected him to play about 50% at both spots. He is getting more comfortable in the post but I think he will split the time.

Mark In Cheyenne: Coach: Thanks for bringing our program back into the national spotlight. Do you see yourself in Laramie in 5-10 years. I think I speak for all Wyoming fans when I say I hope you've found a permanent home in Wyoming.

Steve McClain: I made a committment when I took this job to bring this program back to the national spotlight. Our job is not done yet. This program has a bright future and we have great fans. I plan to be here a long time.

Josh (Casper): What's your evaluation of Jason Straight so far?

Steve McClain: I have been very pleased with him for a true freshman. He has handled things better than most freshman. If we have to go with him as a starter, we will be in good shape. I am not worried about him being a freshman at all.

Josh(Castle Rock, CO): Where do you see this team a couple of years from now?

Steve McClain: I think this team, and what we have done here in recruiting to keep our team balanced, will keep Wyoming stay at the top of the MWC for as long as we are in the conference. I think our young players will play a big part in that.

Gabe, Laramie,WY: How do you feel about playing against coach Bob Knight?

Steve McClain: I think he is definitely one of the most respected Xs and Os coaches in the country. I have played against him before and I am excited to go into Texas Tech and play them this year. I think he has brought back a basketball environment to that program and school.

Craig, Buffalo,Wy: What do you do differently to prepare the players to play on the road as opposed to playing at home?

Steve McClain: No, we don't and I think that is why we have been successful on the road. Teams that win on the road do the same things they do at home. We are very aware of doing that.

Garrett, Laramie, WY: Coach, what will it take to get some top 25 teams to come play us at home?

Steve McClain: I think as we bring this program back to the national level, those teams will come here to play because it will be a good game for them and they can benefit from it. Hopefully we will see that in the next couple of years.

Steve McClain: That's all the time I have for now. I appreciate the interest in the program. No question we have Wyoming back on the basketball map. I look forward to chatting with you again soon.

Take care.