Student-Athlete of the Week

November 12, 2012

Athlete of the Week

Derrious Gilmore

We have the Global Sports Hoops Showcase this week as the Cowboys will face North Carolina Central, South Dakota and Southern. How is your personal progression so far heading into this tournament?

I'm trying to take it one game at a time and living in the moment. I'm trying to focus on each game and practice as if it were my last. I'm looking forward to these games to improve myself and help this team.

When you make trips back home to Baltimore to visit friends and family, what do you look forward to the most?

Spending time with the family. I love the crab cakes. My family takes me to Mo's Seafood Restaurant and treats me to a Mo's seafood platter. My mom makes great crab cakes, but doesn't give herself enough credit for them.

How did your time at Pensacola JC and Jones County JC prepare you for Division I basketball?

It helped me a lot. Off the court, it helped me to get on my own two feet and provide for myself. In Florida, things didn't go very well for basketball or academics, but I got through it and did the best that I could. When I got to Mississippi I had a lot of catching up to do with academics. My coach there put me in a really good position to be successful and help the team and my grades improved.

Outside of a potential career in the NBA, what are your professional aspirations following your time at Wyoming?

I hope to work in the juvenile justice department to give back to the community in Baltimore. I hope to help kids in the city realize that college is not too far-fetched. I hope to teach that if they can give some heart and dedication and apply themselves, they can do it. I feel that if I become a social worker or mentor in the juvenile justice department I can do some good there.I'd also like to help my high school coach who's getting kind of old but still has a lot of years left.

What do you consider your greatest basketball asset?

Being the point guard and knowing that I need to lead the team. I'm their coach on the floor. They go as far as I go. We only have three seniors and a lot of young guys, so I need to do a good job of leading them by example on and off the court.

What did you learn from Coach Shyatt's system last season and how have you improved for this season?

Defense is number one. We live with defense. The offense will come if we're unselfish and playing our system, but we put a big emphasis on the defensive schemes. He preaches it and now I enjoy playing defense. It's not that I didn't enjoy it before, but I love what our team gets out of it.

If you met someone visiting Baltimore for the first time, what sites would you tell them to visit?

Definitely the Inner Harbor. There are restaurants on top of the water, the World Trade Center, and lots of shops and places to see. You'll fall in love with it - it's a great place. The Orioles' and Ravens' stadiums are right there with the harbor between them. It's just a really nice atmosphere. It's beautiful.

What game are you looking forward to most this season and why?

None in particular. I want to take it one game at a time. This is my senior year. We're only guaranteed 31 games. I want to enjoy every game and play it as if it were for the NCAA championship. I want to be prepared for every game, scout the opponent and do everything to prepare myself mentally. I want to have a great senior season, so I'm looking forward to every game.

What do you like most about the city of Laramie?

The people here are really great. They welcomed me with open arms. They come out to support us. They helped my transition go very well. I love the mountains, too. I had never seen mountains before I got here. Looking out the windows and seeing the mountains is something I love.