Student-Athlete of the Week

November 26, 2012

Athlete of the Week

Luke Martinez

Most people you meet are likely unfamiliar with North Dakota. What do you tell them of what it was like growing up there and how would you describe the city of Bismarck?

It's a fun place. I thought it was really small growing up, but it's not too small compared to some of the places I've been. It's about 95,000 people. There's a lot of things to do, but the main thing I liked to do was go to the river during the summer time. I like to jet ski, which is a pretty popular thing to do.

What is your favorite childhood memory growing up with your siblings Jory, Alita and Elaine?

Jory and I used to scare each other all the time. His laugh made me laugh even though I was still scared. Playing basketball with him was always fun; we had a hoop in our front yard and we'd be out there all day playing.

What is something your parents taught you that has shaped who you are today?

Never take anything for granted. Always be a good person and make those around you better people. Keep going in the right direction and don't ever go backwards. One thing that has stuck in my mind is to always keep moving forward.

Did you play other sports growing up or was basketball always your thing?

I played soccer and football. I liked those more than basketball. When I got to high school, basketball became my top priority. I excelled the most in it and stuck with it.

How did your two years at Williston State College prepare you for Division I basketball? Also, how did your redshirt 2010-11 season affect your preparation for a great 2011-12 season?

There were some pretty good defenses that we faced that focused primarily on me. They were physical with me, so I think that's one thing that helped a lot to be prepared for at this level.The redshirt year helped me to adjust to the environment and the fast pace. Sitting down and watching and knowing what was to come helped my vision of the game a lot.

Did you have a favorite college or sports team growing up?

I liked Tennessee a lot. For no particular reason, but I just liked them. When I got into high school, I didn't care as much and didn't follow many sports.

What is your favorite/least favorite Coach Shyatt drill?

I like them all. One of my favorites is called the Laker drill where you're doing different sprints to get you conditioned for practice.

What are your career plans after your time at Wyoming is complete?

I'd like to keep playing as long as I can. If that doesn't work out, I'd like to get into the firefighting field and help out the community that way.

What was it like to play in Ethete a few weeks ago after speaking at their graduation ceremony in May?

It was great. I fell in love with those people. I met some people who I've kept in contact with and they're great people. It was fun to have a chance to go and play in front of them.

If you could live anywhere, where would you like to end up?

I'm a North Dakota boy so I'll probably end up there.