Athlete of the Week Archive

Aug. 31, 2007


Fred Givens

What has it been like to move into a starting role after coming off of the bench last year?
"I like it a lot and it is really exciting. It kind of feels like going back to the high school days of being a big guy who is a starter and I am looking to have a lot of fun this year."

What did you learn playing behind two very good noseguards in Dusty Hoffschneider and Jake Mayes?
"I learned finesse from Jake and brut muscle from Dusty. I feel like I play with a little mixture of both Dusty and Jake."

Have you always been a noseguard?
"I started playing football back in second grade and I have been a defensive lineman for as long as I can remember."

Do you enjoy being the guy who lines up on the nose of the football in the middle of the trenches?
"I like it a lot. If you love the game, you will play any position you can."

What can you tell us about the types of things that happen in the bottom of the pile?
"Some people are dirty and some people are clean but most of the time everyone is just trying to get up. Up here (with the elevation) you are just trying to save as much energy as possible because you don't want to fall later in the game and look bad."

What is your favorite part about being a noseguard?
"You don't get a lot of glory and that humbles you. You play hard every down and open up holes for your teammates."

Is there one road game this season you are most excited to travel to?
"I am really looking forward to going to Ohio and Boise. It is fun to travel to places you haven't been before."

You also wrestled in high school, was there a point where you had to pick either football or wrestling?
"There was never a point because football was in the fall and wrestling was in the spring. However, sometimes I wanted to concentrate on lifting instead of wrestling during the winter, and that was hard to manage. I like both but I am definitely more of a football guy."

What is your favorite thing to eat a Washakie dining hall on campus?
"I would have to say the pasta."

What song would you like to hear on the P.A. after you make a big play in the War?
"Ay Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris."

If you could either make an interception and return it for six or get in on offense in a short yardage situation and run the ball, which would you choose?
"I would much rather make an interception. I have never had an interception in high school or college. I did carry the ball on offense in high school and it was alright but I would much rather make an interception and take it back."