Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 5, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

Michael Ford

What do you like about Laramie?
"Laramie is a small town where everybody knows everybody and the academics are good too. We all get along on the football team and the students and faculty love us here and that makes it a great atmosphere."

Who do you usually get roomed with on football trips?
"Well last year I always got roomed with Jovon and so this is the first year I've been here without him. Rooming with him was great, but he used to get mad at me sometimes because I snore, so he would sometimes hit me with a pillow in the middle of the night, but other than that we got along great."

What sports did you do before coming to Wyoming to play football?
"Well, I was pretty good a basketball early on, but I kind of got away from that and started focusing on football when I got to high school."

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
"Yeah I do, but they never really played any athletics. Actually, my sister ran track for a while, but after she finished high school she stopped."

What is the one thing that really motivates you?
"It's funny because I always think about the fact that I've been doing this for so long that it doesn't make sense for me to go out there and do bad. It doesn't make sense for me to drop passes or use poor technique. It seems like all the hard work that we do in the off season would be for nothing if I didn't come out here and do well on Saturdays. So that's the one thing that I always think about."

What do you plan on doing after you graduate?
"Hopefully when I'm done with football, I'll also be done with my degree. That way I can go and get a job. My degree is in Communication and hopefully I'll get a minor in Marketing, so hopefully I can do something with my degree. If not, maybe I'll get my shot to go to the league, so that's what I'm looking forward to."

Who are the top three individuals that you would like meet from the NFL; alive or dead?
"Top three?! Wow! Well, definitely Tom Brady, and then I'd say Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice."

Who would you say is the biggest smack talker on the field now?
"Haha! Biggest smack talker? I would say Julius Stinson now. I think that a little bit of Derrick Martin rubbed off on him. Haha, yeah definitely Julius."

Are there any other special talents you have that we don't know about?
"Actually, I do like to cook, a lot. It's funny because when my girlfriend is here I just feel like I need to cook. I don't why though, but I just like to do it. My top three things that I would cook for my girlfriend if I only had an hour would probably be fried chicken and potatoes, tacos or baked chicken, definitely."