Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 23, 2009


Weston Johnson

What is the most memorable football moment you've had as a Cowboy?
"I would have to say it was when we beat Tennessee in Knoxville in front of 100,000 people. It was a pretty amazing feeling."

Other than War Memorial Stadium, what has been your favorite stadium to play in?
"I've always liked playing at Air Force. You really can't beat the flyovers before the game."

Why do you wear #36?
"There's really no secret behind it. I just kind of picked it one day."

Why did you decide to play football for the University of Wyoming?
"I am from a small town in Colorado and grew up hunting so Laramie seemed like a good fit for me."

What is going through your mind before making a tackle?
"It's going to be pretty embarrassing if I miss this tackle. Haha. No I don't really think about it to be honest."

If you could play an offensive position what would it be?
"Definitely quarterback. You get to have the football in your hands every snap."

What is your favorite weight room lift?
"Power clean. The sound the weights make when they hit the platform when the whole team is in there is pretty cool."

What is your favorite conditioning drill?
"I don't think anybody has a favorite conditioning drill. Haha."

What is your favorite professional football team?
"The Kansas City Chiefs. They're not having a very good season but I always stick with them."

What are you most likely to be doing if you aren't on the field or in the classroom?
"Probably messing around or hanging out with my roommate Mitch Unrein."

If you could play any other sport for the University of Wyoming what would it be?
"Baseball for sure. I played from when I was about five years old all the way through high school."

What does it mean to you to be voted a Captain by your teammates?
"It's an honor. To know that my teammates would think of me in that role and vote me as captain is a great feeling."

What will you miss most about Cowboy Football when you graduate?
"I'm going to miss all of guys. With the amount of time that we all spend together you become pretty close with your teammates, especially all of the linebackers."

What do you want to do with your Marketing degree after you graduate?
"I'm not really sure yet. I am going to try and get a Graduate Assistant spot somewhere and hopefully get into coaching, but if not I just hope a good opportunity will open up for me."