Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 24, 2008


Jake Edmunds

What are your three favorite sites on the internet?
" because I like to know when the weather is going to be good for fishing, for when I can't go fishing, and to discuss very important ice fishing topics."

If you could add one thing to the sport of football, what would it be? (IE: Arena League rules, players who could come in during the middle of a play from the sideline, a water pit at mid-field, etc...)
"I think we should add a lion to the mix. Just make him angry and put him on the field right at kickoff. It seemed to make the gladiator's lives more interesting."

In one hour, how many pieces of pizza could you eat at the Pizza Hut buffet?
"I know I could eat twelve tacos from Taco John's, so I would guess around ten pieces."

Has anyone ever told you that with your mustache you look like the principal on `Ferris Bueller's Day Off'?
"Ed Rooney is a good looking human being, isn't he?"

Who is the most famous person to ever come out of Meriden, Wyo.?
"Seeing how there are only eight people from the town and three have now moved away (my two brothers and I), there isn't a whole lot coming out of Meriden."

Are there more turkeys in the town of Meriden than people?
"There are more of just about anything than there are people in Meriden."

How thick does the ice need to be to start ice fishing?
"Mike Juergens and I have definitely tested this and about four inches is a little sketchy, but it works. I usually like to wait until it is six inches before I will take the ice hut out."

Have you ever jumped up and down on the ice to see if it is thick enough?
"Only if I don't have one of my other buddies around willing to do it for me."

Have you ever caught a fish that was too big to bring up through the hole?
"I don't know what kind of fisherman I would be if I told you I hadn't."

Have you ever seen anyone fall through the ice?
"Not ice fishing, but in third grade my buddy Kyle and I were walking on the creek by his house and I dared him to step on a cracked spot. It didn't work out well for either of us."

Out of all the linebackers, who has the best facial hair?
"Ward has a pretty girthy mustache, but I would have to give it to Matt Barella."

How many different positions did you have to play in high school football? Your favorite one?
"I played every position except center, quarterback, and corner. My favorite was playing running back because I didn't have to go looking for people to hit."

What is the largest offensive lineman that has ever fallen on you during a game?
"Probably a guy from BYU but I hate to give them the satisfaction of knowing that."

Who is your favorite Mario Kart character?
"Dry Bowser for sure. His size allows me to dominate Jimmy and Zeb's characters when we play."