Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 2, 2007


Troy Lewis

Why do you wear #3?
"To tell you the truth, this was the best number available. I wanted to come in with #2, but that was taken. I have never worn #3 before, but it has had good karma for me since I've been here and I'm growing to like it."

Have you ever thought of getting back into track and field since you have a background in the sport?
"I was a pretty good triple jumper in high school and community college, so yeah, I've thought about it. Just to see where I stand now, but since I've been focusing on football the last two years I don't know how good I would be. I definitely could see myself doing it though because I love that competition too."

How much jawing goes on out on the field and are you a talker yourself out there?
"Definitely it is heated, but I'm usually not the one who starts the confrontation. Football is a heated game so if someone starts jabbering at you then you are going to jabber right back. You have to defend yourself. I'm not the one who usually escalates the talking, but I'm not going to shy down from anyone. If anyone is talking trash at me then I'm going to be right back at them."

Who are the professional football players that you've admired over the years?
"I've loved Deion Sanders since I was a little kid. I've worn #21 and #2 because of Deion. But now two plus one equals the #3 that I wear, so I'm still kind of wearing his number. LT, Barry Sanders, Sean Taylor and Ed Reed are some of my favorite players. Champ Bailey of course. Any player in the secondary I watch to see if I can pick up anything from them. Dante Hall as a return specialist a few years ago and now Devin Hester."

Pick-six or a kick-off return for a touchdown?
"Wheww...that's a tough question. I think pick-six. I've returned kicks for a touchdown before and I've gotten close to returning an interception for a touchdown, but I've never actually done that. That would be the big one. I would love to do that before the end of my career sometime."

What was the biggest adjustment for you coming from California to Wyoming?
"They are totally different places. I come from a state that is highly populated to a state that is the least populated. It is more of an atmosphere here that people know people. It is more of a family or group environment here. The people you know are really your friends, because that is all you've got. People don't just fly by the seat of their pants, one day you know them and the next day you don't. I've turned to like it here. I was skeptical at first, but I've learned to like it for the different lifestyle that it is. It's been a good experience. Some people don't get to experience the small town and the big, and I've gotten to see both and can see the differences."

How did you end up at UW?
"After a good junior college sophomore season I was leaning towards Division II, but Wyoming came in late, saw my tape, liked it and they were looking for a corner since Derrick Martin had gone pro. I got the shot and had to take DI over DII."

Of Wyoming's receivers, who is the most difficult to cover?
"It is hard to say because it depends on how you feel that day. Our receivers have different talents. A guy like Michael Ford has so many shakes and different route combinations. If you mess up he's going to get you real bad and you'll be looking stupid. Then you've got fast guys like Hoost (Marsh) that will blow by you. If you're feeling fast then you might want to cover Hoost, but you better be on your game to cover Ford or David Leonard. Greg Bolling will go up and get it from you, so it's kind of like pick your poison. All of them are good at different aspects of the game."

When you first look upfield after catching a kick-off, what are you immediately looking for?
"I try to scan the whole field and see where the potential seam is going to be. When I do find that seam and I get close enough, that's when I'm going to hit it. You have to make the most of those seams, speed up and bust through."

Have you ever been tackled by the kicker?
"Man, I had never been tackled by the kicker until I got to DI football. It annoys me so much, but the pursuit is so much faster at this level that I seem to run into the kicker on my own half of the time. It's not like they tackle me, I just seem to run into them. It has happened...I'm not going to lie. Of course my teammates just make fun of me because you should never get tackled by the kicker."

Is there a big win in your time here with the Cowboys that sticks out to you more than others?
"I really liked the CSU win last year because of all of the hype that goes into the game. It is a rivalry game that doesn't mean as much for our record as some other wins, like TCU this year, but I'd never been a part of such a big rivalry as the CSU game. We got that 'Boot' after not having it for several years...that stuck out in my mind."

Will you have a lot of family and friends at the SDSU game?
"Yeah, I have a bunch of people coming to that game. Hopefully we can impress them and I can have a good game. I'm going to love going back to California and I've never played in Qualcomm, so it will definitely be fun."

What is your favorite pre-game meal?
"Since our games are usually at noon, then breakfast is our pre-game meal, so I usually get the cheesy eggs. We are eating early so I make sure and get my eggs and get a little protein in there."

What TV show do you have to watch?
"My channel stays on 25 and I'm always watching Sportscenter, just to see some highlights. If someone has a good return then that inspires me."