Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 4, 2005


Hoost Marsh

What are you thinking about when you go on the field to return a punt and hear the crowd chanting your name?
"Probably the first thing is that I like it. It gives me confidence. I go out there and I know I've got people behind me; I've got the crowd behind me. It's fun."

Why did you decide to walk-on at Wyoming?
"I wanted to play D-1A football. CSU and CU weren't recruiting me so I thought I'd come up here and give it a shot and possibly have a chance to play right away."

Do you have any superstitions (if any)?
"I don't have any superstitions."

What is going through your head just before you catch a punt?
"Have to have faith in the guys blocking for you. Once I catch the ball, I just try to find where I need to go and read my blocks. I think about reading my blocks."

What is it like being rated as one of the best punt returners in the Mountain West Conference and the nation?
"It's a surprise really. I wasn't expecting to be All-Conference or be picked as one of the top in the nation. It's fun though. You just have to work hard and things will start to happen."

Would you say you have to have a certain attitude to be a return man?
"I just look at it as my job and I just go out there and do it. I don't really have an attitude like being cocky or anything. I guess you do have to have some confidence."

You played running back growing up. How has the switch from that position to receiver been for you?
"Actually, it was really hard at first, but now I've adjusted. At first it was pretty difficult though. The technique and reading defenses was pretty hard for me to grasp at first, but now I enjoy it."

Your name is Justin Randal Marsh. Why go by "Hoost" and what is the origin of that name?
"It came from my parents. My mom is from South America, Ecuador actually, and she formed that name. Coming from the name Justin and how they pronounce the name in their native language, which is Spanish. How they say the letter `j' in Spanish is actually `h', so it just kind of formed."