Cowboy Football To Open 2000 Season At Auburn

Feb. 4, 2000


Wyoming will open the 2000 footballseason at Auburn University, on Sept. 2, Athletics Director Lee Moonannounced Friday. Auburn replaces Utah State, which was originallyscheduled to open the season at Laramie on that date.

The game will mark the third consecutive season in which the Cowboyshave faced a member of the Southeastern Conference. They played at Georgiatwo years ago and opened the season at Tennessee last year. It will be thefirst meeting ever between the Tigers and Cowboys. The Cowboys, who alsohave met Florida and LSU of the SEC, will do so again in 2005 and 2008respectively.

The Utah State game will be moved to 2004, according to Moon. TheCowboys will play at Logan during the 2001 season which will begin afour-game series.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for our football team," Moon said."As we continue to upgrade our schedules we will play more and moreprograms of this caliber. This game also will make a huge financial impacton our program. In addition there is a possibility that the game could bemoved to Aug. 31, as an ESPN thursday night game. Needless to say we arethrilled about the opportunity." Moon said he was not at liberty to releasethe financial terms of the game.

The game is the result of a three-game swap between Auburn, TexasTech, the Cowboys and Utah State. Auburn and Texas Tech were originallyscheduled to meet on Sept. 2.

According to Moon the remainder of Wyoming's 2000 schedule will bereleased at a later date.