Mountain West Conference Announces Football Academic Honorees

Feb. 4, 2000

LARAMIE, Wyo. - The Mountain West Conference is pleased to announce the Academic All-Mountain West Conference honors for the sport of football. To be eligible for selection to the academic team, a student-athlete must have completed at least one academic term at the member institution, maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better and be a starter or significant contributor.

Ninety student-athletes qualify for the academic all-conference team in the sport offootball. The Air Force Academy garnered the most honorees with 18, while Utah andWyoming each had 14, followed by BYU (12), UNLV (11), Colorado State (8), New Mexico (7) and San Diego State (6).

Following is the list of Academic All-Conference selections for football, grouped alphabetically by school.

Academic All-Mountain West Conference

University of Wyoming

Brandon Casavan, Freshman, 3.1, Undeclared
Trifon Demos, Senior, 3.31, International Studies
Jason Dreessen, Senior, 3.63, Physical Edu. Teaching
Aaron Elling, Junior, 3.36, Exercise Physiology
Aaron Frude, Sophomore, 3.47, Civil Engineering
Trent Gamble, Senior, 3.67, Finance
Justin Hopkin, Junior, 3.91, Zoology
Eddie Johnson, R-Freshman, 3.25, Finance
Matt Klotz, Sophomore, 3.11, Finance
Ben Murphy, R-Freshman, 3.0, Business
Al Rich, Junior, 3.27, Communication
Jay Stoner, Junior, 3.46, COSC
Darth Tesinsky, Sophomore, 3.42, Exercise Physiology
John Wilson, R-Freshman, 3.93, Civil Engineering

Air Force Academy
David Adams, Junior, 3.20, Ops Research
Kyle Allen, Junior, 3.37, Engineering Science
Scott Becker, Junior, 3.75, Civil Engineering
Cale Bonds, Senior, 3.61, Biochemistry
Doug Charters, Senior, 3.04, Ops Research
Casey Cortese, Senior, 3.42, Management
Kurt Duffy, Junior, 3.17, Management
Ryan Finnan, Junior, 3.39, Biology
R. G. Giovannetti, Junior, 3.25, Ops Research
Dustin Ireland, Junior, 3.52, Biology
Andy Malin, Junior, 3.98, Biochemistry
Matt McCraney, Sophomore, 3.11, Bioenv. Engineering
Luke Porisch, Junior, 3.07, Mechanical Engineering
Rob Reinebach, Junior, 3.10, English
Mike Roberts, Senior, 3.40, Bioenvironmental Engineering
Brandon Sokora, Senior, 3.03, Civil Engineering
Dallas Thompson, Junior, 3.65, Civil Engineering
Paul Townsend, Senior, 3.26, Bioenv. Engineering

Ryan Denney, Sophomore, 3.55, Management
Brandon Doman, Sophomore, 3.19, Management
Cliff Doman, Senior, 3.46, Exercise Physiology
Douglas Harding, Senior, 3.15, Animal Science
Doug Henstrom, Senior, 3,77, Exercise Physiology
Chris Hoke, Junior, 3.10, Marketing Communications
Jared Lee, Junior, 3.86, History
Tyler Nelson, Senior, 3.25, Accounting
Cory Ramage, Junior, 3.69, Electrical Engineering
Jesse Sowards, Senior, 3.18, Exercise Physiology
Lucas Staley, Freshman, 3.22, Undeclared
Robert Warcup, Senior, 3.34, Construction Management

Colorado State University
James Patrick Bennett, Junior, 3.46, Technology Education and Training
Andrew John Engelstad, Junior, 3.74, Business Info. Systems
Broc Abrahm Finlayson, Sophomore, 3.47, Business-Entrepreneurship
Jason Gerald Gallimore, Sophomore, 3.13, Sociology
Justin Russell Gallimore, Sophomore, 3.00, Economics
Lucas Christopher Smith, Sophomore, 3.07, Wildlife Biology
Aaron Eugene Sprague, Sophomore, 3.65, Agricultural Business
Bradin Joseph Svoboda, Sophomore, 3.01, Business-Marketing

University of New Mexico
Brian Choi, Sophomore, 3.10, English
Eric Jaworsky, Senior, 3.16, General Management
David McKinney, Senior, 3.06, General Management
Cort Moffitt, Freshman, 3.40, Architecture
Jon Samuelson, Senior, 3.59, Economics
LaMarcus Spillers, Junior, 3.25, Psychology
Amos Wilson, Junior, 3.08, Criminology

San Diego State University
James Ange, Senior, 3.01, Mechanical Engineering
Brian Berg, Junior, 3.30, Psychology
Michael Cleary, Junior, 3.33, Education
Brad Elmore, Senior, 3.01, Recreation Admin.
Sheldon Pope, Senior, 3.20, Business Finance
Brian Russell, Junior, 3.50, Physical Therapy

Bill Cofer, Sophomore, 3.11, Undeclared
B. J. Edwards, Senior, 3.10, Communications
Kris Fisher, Senior, 3.33, Kinesiology
John Greer, Senior, 3.54, Fitness Management
Joe Haro, Sophomore, 3.32, Undeclared
Blake Livingood, Senior, 3.23, Accounting
Timothy O'Reily, Graduate, 3.20, Law
Jason Palmucci, Senior, 3.54, Management
Danny Pacheco, Senior, 3.17, Physical Education
Nathan Rydalch, Senior, 3.65, Fitness Management
Toby Smeltzer, Freshman, 3.73, Undeclared

University of Utah
Mbe Agbor, Senior, 3.58, Marketing
Brad Burtenshaw, Junior, 3.56, Exercise and Sport Science
Stewart Carvalho, Senior, 3.46, Japanese
Howard Christiansen, Senior, 3.87, German
Kimball Christiansen, Senior, 3.81, German
T.D. Croshaw, Senior, 3.10, Business
Anthony Dickamore, Senior, 3.76, Business
Thomas Fortune, Sophomore, 3.15, Math
Jordan Gross, Sophomore, 3.03, Undergrad. Studies
Jay Hill, Senior, 3.20, Spanish
Colby Knight, Senior, 3.03, Exercise and Sport Science
Fisi Moleni, Senior, 3.21, Psychology
Nick Morgan, Junior, 3.54, Business
Scott Price, Junior, 3.37, Pre-Physical Therapy