Cowboys Go Outdoors

March 22, 2006


It was another historic day for Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium on Wednesday.

Wyoming's artificial surface hosted its very first spring training practice on a beautiful sun-drenched day as the Cowboys practiced outside for the first time this training period. It was their second, and final, practice of the training period without pads. They will begin padded workouts on Friday.

"It's a far more effective practice when we go outside," Head Coach Joe Glenn said Wednesday. "We can get so much more out of practice when we are in the stadium. It felt great to be out there."

Wednesday's workout was a carbon copy of Monday's opener. The Pokes continued to install their offensive and defensive packages, as well as concentrate on fundamentals.

"We would have been slippin' and slidin' around on grass," Glenn said. "We thank Fred Lamb and the crew for clearing off Jonah. It's just a terrific surface, and we can have a much better practice because of it."

The head coach's early take on his four quarterbacks was a positive one. "So far I've really been encouraged with our four guys (junior Jacob Doss, redshirt freshman Karsten Sween, sophomore Stinson Dean and junior college transfer Ian Hetrick)," Glenn says. "All four guys can play at this level. It's just a matter of which one is going to do it."

Glenn said that the repetitions would be equally divided among the four, "as long as they all continue to grade out well". If, and when, there is separation, the reps will be distributed accordingly, he said.

"Quarterback is the most important spot on the field, even more important than the coaches. We can't misfire there. Our competition is very keen right now, and I've been encouraged."

Glenn reiterated to media members at practice how happy he was to have Syracuse University added to the schedule as a 12th game (Sept. 30). "I know it's a Big East school, and I know it makes for two long trips (along with Virginia). But I would feel very badly if we fell one game short of bowl eligibility because we didn't add a 12th game. I also have a great deal of respect for a program that will play us home-and-home rather than one who pays big money so it doesn't have to leave home."

The Cowboys will put on the pads Friday as they resume spring training on Jonah Field.

Poke Notes:

Head Coach Joe Glenn will miss practice Friday and Saturday to attend funeral services for his brother Mike who passed away last weekend. The service will be conducted at Lincoln, Neb.

The coaching staff is taking a look at senior veteran Jason Karcher at the center position. A starting guard for the past two seasons, Karcher also has worked at tackle for the Pokes. This season will mark his fourth as a starter.

At this time, four Cowboys will either miss all of spring training, or see very limited duty as they recover from injury. . .linebacker John Prater (limited after back surgery), defensive end Aaron Robbins (limited after knee surgery), safety/linebacker Marcial Rosales (out, knee) and receiver Tyler Holden (out, foot injury).

Glenn announced that senior running backs Joe Harris and Ivan Harrison will sit out the first three games of the 2006 season due to a violation of team rules.