UW Football Continues to Impress in Spring Drills

March 24, 1999


The Wyoming Cowboy offense enjoyeda productive day on Wednesday in a 50-play scrimmage held at the NorthPractice Complex on the University of Wyoming campus. The highlight of thescrimmage was a 48-yard touchdown run by redshirt freshman Cliff Brye ofLincoln, Neb., on the final play of the day.

"After watching today's scrimmage, I feel like we are getting a lotcloser to the type of balanced team I want to have," said Dimel. "Weentered the spring with our defense ahead of our offense, which was expectedwith the number of defensive players we had coming back. But our offensehas continued to progress, and I thought made some big plays today."

In addition to Brye's touchdown run, sophomore quarterback MattSwanson (Boise, Idaho) connected with senior wide receiver WendellMontgomery (Arvada, Colo.) on a seven-yard touchdown strike for the Cowboys.A number of receivers made big catches on the afternoon, including Brye,senior Tommy Nash (Tulsa, Okla.), redshirt junior Alex English (Hockley,Texas) and redshirt freshman Brock Ralph (Raymond, Alberta).

Brye and Ralph have both seen increased repetitions with the No. 1offense this spring, due in part to injuries that have limited the practicetime of senior receivers Kofi Shuck (Park Forest, Ill.) and BrahmsDerenoncourt (Miami, Fla.). But Dimel said that Brye and Ralph's fineshowing in spring is not a surprise.

"Both Cliff (Brye) and Brock (Ralph) were young guys we thought hadthe natural ability to step in and play right away," said Dimel. "Weredshirted both of them last year as freshmen, just because we had such aveteran group of receivers. We have those same veteran guys back this yearin Wendell (Montgomery), Kofi (Shuck), Brahms (Derenoncourt) and Willie King(Moore Haven, Fla.), but these young guys have really stepped up this springwhen given the opportunity. Wide receiver is a position we're going to haveexcellent depth at this season."

Dimel also commented that he has been happy with a number ofposition changes made during the spring. Jeff Boyle (Norton, Kan.), who hasplayed exclusively at noseguard the past two seasons, is also being utilizedat defensive tackle this spring. Brian Van Emmerik (Salem, S.D.), who wasmoved inside to defensive tackle a year ago, has been moved back todefensive end where he played his first two seasons at UW. Jared Jarnagin(Dallas, Texas), a fullback last season, has had an excellent spring atmiddle linebacker, and Adrian Hill (Cedar Hill, Texas) has been moved fromthe Bandit, or rush end position, to the strong-side linebacker position.

Once again, the weather was excellent with the temperature inLaramie on Wednesday in the 60's.

"The weather has been great," added Dimel. "A year ago in March, wekept talking about how we wished we were practicing, because we had so manynice days. Then when April came along, it seemed like it was raining orsnowing every day during spring ball. Having spring ball early has reallyturned out great for us, and it's allowed us to get a lot accomplished."

The Cowboys' next practice on Friday, March 25 will focus onfundamentals and kicking. The Pokes will take the weekend off, and theirnext scrimmage will be Monday afternoon, March 29. Next week's schedulewill also include practices on Wednesday (March 31), Friday (April 2) andthe annual Spring Game, which will take place on Saturday, April 3 in WarMemorial Stadium, beginning at noon.