Wyoming Cowboys' First Spring Scrimmage Set for Saturday, March 27

March 26, 2010


Wyoming fans and coaches alike will get their first look at the 2010 Wyoming Cowboys in a full-scrimmage setting on Saturday morning, March 27 when the Pokes will practice in the University of Wyoming's Indoor Practice Facility. Saturday's practice will begin at 9 a.m., with the scrimmage portion of practice beginning at approximately 9:45 a.m.

"We're looking forward to seeing our players in their first extended scrimmage of the spring," said second-year head coach Dave Christensen. "We scrimmaged for about 20 plays at the end of Thursday's practice, but Saturday's will be considerably longer. We'll mix in some series with the number one offense against the number one defense, as well as the ones versus the twos.

"We'll be evaluating both how our veterans have improved and how our new players respond in a scrimmage situation. We have a number of players at new positions, particularly on defensive and offensive lines, so I'm anxious to see how they look. We want to see how everyone on our football team competes. The players know that those who are most productive, regardless of their experience level, are the players who are going to play, so I anticipate the competition level to be very high."

The scrimmage is scheduled to begin with the offense running two series of three plays from its own two-yard line with the No. 1 offense facing the No. 2 defense and the No. 2 offense versus the No. 1 defense. That will be followed by two series of 10 plays from the offense's own 25 with the No. 1 offense and defense facing off against one another and the No. 2 units versus each other. Then the offense will run two series of 10 plays from its own 35 -- again with the No. 1 units on both offense and defense pitted against each other. Two series of 10 plays from the defense's 45-yard line will follow (No. 1s vs. No. 2s), then two series of six plays from the defense's 25 (No. 1s vs. No. 2s) and the scrimmage will conclude with two series of two-minute offense beginning from the offense's own 30-yard line (No. 1s vs. No. 2s).

A scoring system will be utilized that will award the offense and defense points based on certain plays. The offense will earn a normal six points for a touchdown, one point for a point-after-touchdown, two points for a two-point PAT and three points for a field goal. In addition, the offense may earn one point for each play of 20+ yards and one point for each first down.

The defense may earn five points each for an interception or a recovered fumble. If they return an interception or fumble recovery for a TD, the defense will receive 12 points. The defense will earn three points for a blocked field goal or by stopping the offense on a fourth-down play on the offense's side of the 50. Two points will be awarded to the defense for a safety, a quarterback sack, stopping the offense on a fourth-down play on the defense's side of the 50 or stopping a two-point conversion attempt. Finally one point may be earned by the defense for forcing a punt, forcing a missed field goal, tackling a ball carrier for a loss of yardage, blocking a point-after-touchdown attempt or when holding the offense to a field goal after the offense began its series in the red-zone (inside the defense's 20-yard line).

Saturday's scrimmage is scheduled for Wyoming's Indoor Practice Facility. For safety concerns, fans at Saturday's scrimmage will be allowed to watch the scrimmage from the west endzone of the Indoor Practice facility but will not be allowed on the sidelines. Only media members with press credentials who are covering the scrimmage will be allowed on the sidelines.