Cowboys Schedule Wednesday Scrimmage

March 28, 2000


He's only seen three springpractices thus far, but Wyoming Head Coach Vic Koenning has certainly beenpleased with the progress of his Cowboys.

Wyoming will practice for the fifth time this spring on Wednesday, aday Koenning is calling a "50-50 day". The Cowboys will utilize half ofWednesday as a regular practice session and the other half as a scrimmage.That plan depends upon weather conditions. If weather doesn't permit, thescrimmage session would be moved to Friday. The head coach said the Cowboyswould scrimmage "over-the-field", as opposed to last Saturday's "situation"scrum.

"If we continue to make as much progress the rest of the spring aswe have from last Saturday until today, I think we are going to be a verycompetitive football team," Koenning said during Tuesday's off day. "Ithink they are beginning to understand what we expect. The pace of practicehas gotten much better. For instance, we are starting to see offensivelinemen block down field, doing the extra things that are so important."

Koenning said that for the most part both of his offensive anddefensive packages have been installed. Now it is a matter of refiningthem, he said. "It's a matter of polishing," he said. "Everyone has pickedup what we're doing very well. It's really nothing that's too hard tounderstand, we just need to continue to improve our execution."

After looking at tape from Saturday's scrimmage Koenning remainedpleased with the effort of his team. He said that the mistakes werecorrectable. "After looking at the tape, I thought we were a million milesaway from where we will eventually want to be," Koenning smiled. "AfterMonday's practice I felt we were only a thousand miles away.

"So far we have made positive steps, no backward steps. As long aswe can do that we will be fine."

While there have only been four practices, and just two in pads, itis very early to talk too much about individuals or positions, according tothe head coach.

With that in mind where has Koenning been pleased thus far."It is early to talk to much, but I have been pleased with the progress ofour receivers, especially in their blocking. I also think the offensiveline is coming along. If that area continues to improve we should be verysolid there.

"Again, we have a long way to go," he continued. "We'll be able totell a little more about our team each day. We'll know more afterWednesday's scrimmage. But I do like the attitude of this team. I likeit's willingness to sacrific to get better. There is a great feeling amongthese players."

The Cowboys will close out the week of work with a non-tacklingpractice on Friday, and another "50-50" day on Saturday. If weather doesnot permit a scrimmage Wednesday, Koenning said he doesn't mind pushing itto Friday.

Spring drills will conclude April 15 with the annual Spring Game.