Cowboys Complete Enthusiastic First Day of Spring Drills

March 27, 2004


Joe Glenn sat in his office Saturday following Wyoming's first practice of spring training.

"Only 161 days until our opening kickoff (September 4, Appalachian State in War Memorial Stadium)," Glenn said with a big grin.

His Cowboys had just practice for two-and-a-half chilly hours opening the training session.

"It's incredible the difference between where we are now, and a year ago," he said, "We just know the kids so much better, and they know us, and the system so much better. We are light years ahead. That all means that we can focus much better on what we should be focusing on, improving."

Glenn was his enthusiastic self on the practice field, and when the first day was done, he was very pleased with his team. "There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm out there today, that's a big plus. I think the kids feel good about how they came out of the winter program. To a man everyone got bigger and stronger. The guys who needed to get bigger and stronger did so. We have really progressed physically during the off season.

"Considering the weather (cold and windy) I thought we had a great practice," Glenn continued. "Everyone maintained their enthusiasm and their focus."

Glenn said he thought the Cowboys' team speed looked a lot better, especially on defense.

"I thought all of the quarterbacks threw well despite the conditions. Corey (Bramlet) is our starter, and all he needs is repetition. He didn't get to play much as our backup last year, and he needs the work. He is going to be fine. We need to be good enough around him to take some of the pressure off of his shoulders."

The head coach said that he was pleased with what he saw at running back. "All of the running backs look like they belong," he said. "Like so many other areas of our team, there is a lot of good competition there."

Depth in the offensive line and at cornerback are two of Glenn's biggest concerns as he heads into his second spring at Wyoming. "We are especially focused on depth in the offensive line," he said. "We must develop some good, solid backups there. We also need to work on depth at corner. Those are my biggest concerns right now."

The Cowboys will resume practice on Monday. They will practice for the first time in full pads on Wednesday. The spring game is scheduled for April 24, at the Wyoming Track Stadium since War Memorial Stadium will be under construction.