Cowboy Football Scrimmage Rescheduled for Monday

March 30, 2007

LARAMIE, Wyo. - Mother Nature has caused Joe Glenn and his Wyoming football team to make some adjustments to their spring training schedule.

Springtime's first scrimmage was scheduled for Saturday morning. But due to the storm that dumped 14 inches of snow on the Laramie area Thursday, the Cowboy coaching staff decided to move the scrum to Monday.

"If at all possible, we would rather not conduct a scrimmage in War Memorial Fieldhouse," Glenn said during Friday's practice which also was in the warm and dry Fieldhouse. "So we're hopeful that we can get Jonah Field cleared for a scrimmage on Monday." After stretching and drills, Monday's scrimmage will begin around 3:55 p.m., the head coach said.

As it turns out Saturday's practice will last just an hour inside. "We are going to spend 20 minutes with special teams, 20 minutes seven-on-seven and 20 minutes 11-on-11," Glenn said. "That should take an hour, then we'll get our sack lunches and go watch the Cowgirls beat Wisconsin."

Glenn said that despite the fact his team has spent three different practice days inside, they are still right on target. "We are still very pleased with what we are getting done," he said. "That's a credit to both our coaches and our players. The spirit of our spring practice is to learn and get better and that is the attitude everyone has."

Monday's scrimmage will include 60 plays, involving the regular situations such as goal-line, red zone, and 50-yard-line-and-in. The practice will not be a true "one's vs. two's" scrimmage because the Cowboys are shorthanded in some areas because of injury. "We don't have a two-deep everywhere," the head coach said, "so we'll do the best we can. I know everyone is looking forward to it."

The Cowboys have added a new name to the spring injury list. Inside linebacker Ward Dobbs (6-0, 229, Jr.) will under minor surgery on his right shoulder on Monday. He will sit out the remainder of spring training.

After Saturday's practice, Wyoming will have two weeks of spring drills remaining. The final scrimmage of the period is scheduled for Saturday, April 14.