Cowboys Set Non-Contact Practice Friday

March 30, 2000


After a couple of spirited contactdays Wyoming's football team will back away from head-knocking on Fridaybefore resuming the hitting on Saturday.

The Cowboys will spend Friday concentrating on fundamentals but willsprinkle in a team period of "third-and-longs" and some two-minute drillwork. Head Coach Vic Koenning also indicated his team would spend time onspecial teams, including extra points, field goals and punting.

The Cowboys included an abbreviated scrimmage in Wednesday's springtraining session, and Koenning deemed it "typical" of a spring scrimmage."It was tyupical in that one time the offense would win, then the next timethe defense would win. I thought the defense had a bit of an edge to itwhile the offense was a little bit flat.

"Once again I thought our offensive line and receivers continued toimprove," Koenning continued. "We made a lot of mistakes that will be thekind that prevent drives."

Following Friday's workout the Cowboys will resume contact work withanother "50-50" day. That will include a short scrimmage. The annualSpring Game is scheduled for Saturday 15, at War Memorial Stadium.