Cowboys Open Spring Drills

March 31, 2003


Wyoming football, Joe-Glenn-style, officially began Monday as the Cowboys opened spring training with the first of 15 practices.

A total of 80 Cowboys worked out in War Memorial Fieldhouse in shorts and t-shirts, as required by NCAA dictate. The rule requires that three of the 15 practice sessions must be without pads. Glenn indicated that the Monday and Wednesday practices this week would be without contact, as well as the 14th practice of the session in late April.

Glenn was very pleased with his team's first day. "We are in tip-top condition, and we are eager," said the head coach after his team's first day, a crisp two hour and a half hour practice. "I'm sure we have a lot of guys swimming right now because of all of the changes in teminology, with way we run drills, the formations, and a hundred other things. For the players, getting used to a new coaching staff in spring ball is a lot like trying to eat an elephant, there's just too much to learn."

Monday was a busy day for the Cowboys as both coaches and players work at becoming more familiar with each other.

"We got a lot of work done," Glenn said, "everything from becoming familiar with how your coach wants to run his various drills, down to how we want them to huddle. We put in a little bit of offense and a little bit of defense today."

Glenn said that on the offensive side of things the Cowboys were exposed to some of the run game as well as some of the three-step passing game. Defensively, some of the fronts and secondary coverages were installed as well as some blitz packages and stunts.

A couple of Cowboys will miss spring drills because of injury rehabilitation, Glenn said. Junior defensive lineman R.J. Robins (Aurora, Colo.) and senior tight end Marshall Schaap (Ocala, Fla.) will both miss while they recover from surgery. In addition, Glenn said offensive lineman David Gough (Rapid City, S.D.) will be held out of contact, but will still be able to do his primary job of long snapping.

With snow still piled high on the practice fields, Glenn said he is hopeful that his team would be able to get outdoors this week. "The Fieldhouse works fine for us, but we'd much rather be outside," he said. "The weather will dictate how that goes. In shorts, we are okay inside right now."