The 'Pokes Complete Eighth Spring Practice

March 31, 2007


There is no way anyone could have predicted that there would be a Wyoming championship basketball game on the same day the Cowboy football team was having a spring practice.

Of all wonders it happened on Saturday as the Pokes practiced for an hour prior to the Cowgirls' WNIT Championship victory over Wisconsin.

Head Coach Joe Glenn is as "Cowgirl Crazy" as anyone. "I always try to sit in Section 14, because it's out of the way and I can act like a real fan. I love it, and I am as proud of that team as any Wyoming fan." Asked if he had someone saving seats for him, he laughed, "heck no, I'm going raced through those doors like everybody else. They are national champs, how about that?"

But, back to the game of football. The Pokes practiced for the eighth time this spring--they have seven remaining--and it was a short one in War Memorial Fieldhouse. The practice was split into three 20-minute segments-- special teams, seven-on-seven and 11-on-11. According to the head coach, the Pokes weren't as sharp as they had been during the previous seven sessions.

"We weren't quite as sharp as we have been," Glenn said, "especially in the strike zone. We did not throw and catch very well today. Every man on this football team has to work to be more consistent. We can't catch one and drop two, or throw one right on the money and then three bad ones. We have to have more consistency. But, that's why we have spring football."

It's well documented that Glenn's spring practices involve minimal tackling. He's not into Cowboys beating up Cowboys. Is it more difficult to evaluate progress--or lack of it--without involving that phase of the game?

"Not at all," Glenn says. "It's all about film, and the next day. "We look at steps, techniques and effort with the players the next day after practice. We go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. That big eye (camera) never lies. We do not need to see everyone beat up on each other to determine whether a player is improving or not."

One of the areas of focus during this spring-training period has been the offensive line where there are three new starters, and two veterans who are in new positions. According to Glenn their progress has been outstanding. "We've been very pleased with how those guys are coming along," he says. "As I said earlier, we love their spirit and their effort. We've been especially happy with the progress of Sam Sterner (6-4, 288, RFr. at guard) and Ryan Otterson (6-5, 281, So. at tackle). They have really come along, and are getting better every day."

The offensive line was hit with the latest spring injury, however. Guard Jack Tennant (6-4, 304, RFr.) sprained his right knee on Friday and will undergo an MRI on Monday to determine the extent of his injury.

Wyoming will scrimmage for the first time this spring Monday afternoon on Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium. Glenn said the scrum would start at 3:50 p.m., and include 60 plays. The Pokes will then practice Wednesday and Thursday, before taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off for the Easter weekend.